The Eyebrow Trends For 2015



The Eyebrow Trends For 2015

You think only your mane has the right to be styled as per trends and fashion? What about the pair of arches sitting on your forehead? They too have every right to be styled.

So?? What is trending in the world of arches?? Here is the good news for all the furry fellas. 🙂

From desis to all the pardesis out there, the biggest trend in makeup is the bushy, full eyebrows. Gone are the days of thin, sword-like eyebrows. Welcome to the world of thick, messy, bushy arches.


The Eyebrow Trends For 2015


The trend started in the 1950s with divas like Audre Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. Now, the modern eye brow iconic is Cara Delevingne, the famous model, who has become the poster girl for the thick and youthful brows. Her picturesque full brows have quickly become fashion’s latest obsession. There is a twitter page dedicated to her gorgeous pair of arches. Imagine 😛

Not only she, it is a very common sight on the runways and red carpets where celebrities and models are flaunting and rocking fuller brows. The bigger, the thicker, the bolder, the better.


Eyebrow Trends 2015


No more over plucking your eyebrows. It will de-shape your brows and make you look older and it looks unnatural too. Only pluck stray hair and not from the actual brow line. If your brows are naturally sparse, try using hair growing oil like castor oil or almond oil and let them grow for a couple of months. There are also many eyebrow growing and enhancing products available in the market.

Also, if your brows are thin and sparse, then don’t forget to groom and fill them up.


Hot Eyebrow Trends 2015


How to achieve the naturally full thick brows:

  • Finish off with your base and eye makeup. If you intend to have thick eyebrows like Cara and Bambi, then don’t overdo with dark eye shadows. Keep it simple and highlight the inner corners. It is a must when you have bushman eyebrows.
  • Take a matte dark brown eye pencil and draw lines within the brow. Remember, only soft strokes.
  • Take a clean Q-tip and run over your brows. Just quick and easy strokes, not too harsh. This is to soft the color, the harsh lines you drew.
  • Then take an eyebrow comb or a clean mascara wand and run through your brows. This way you’ll not only comb your brows, but will also get rid of clumps, if any.
  • Stroke the brush outward and lightly fill the arch as well.
  • The key is to blend without vanishing whatever you have applied.

So, let your eyebrows grow on you. If you want to look younger and bolder, go for thick natural eyebrows. Lucky are those who are naturally blessed with bushy eyebrows.

What do you think about this hot eyebrow trend in 2015?

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