The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask Review


The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask Review

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In continuation to my review on The Face shop – The solution range sheet mask, my review today is on The Real Nature Range sheet masks.

Now these sheet masks have serums which are extracted from whole natural plants. These sheet masks are meant for people who do not really have any specific skin problems and just need masks for regular skin care.

Price– Rs.100( i got it in an offer where it was buy 7 get 7 free)

Again, these sheet masks are filled with serum and one needs to apply this on their face. Please ensure the face is well cleaned and toned. This ensures that the skin is not clogged as that will not allow the absorption of the nutrients from these masks.

Please do not keep this mask on your face for more than 15-20mins. Also, when you are sitting near a fan these sheet masks tend to dry quickly. So please be aware once you start feeling the dryness in the mask. As mentioned in the last posts, these masks have absorbents which once dried starts absorbing back from the skin.

Now coming to the Real nature range. I bought 9 different variants from this range. We know every plant has unique properties and hence these nature sheet masks also have their unique properties derived from their plants.

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Pomegranate Face mask: I love the smell of this face mask. It smells exactly like pomegranate juice. Since I am in my late 20’s, its a good time to start using this mask regularly as it helps in maintaining the elasticity and vitality of the skin. In short its an anti ageing mask which is great for mature skin.

About The Face Shop Real Nature Sheet Mask Review

This mask helps in soothing irritated skin and in feeling refreshed.

Rice face mask: now rice is quiet a staple in Korean skin care especially in the whitening range. Rice has the property to brighten and lighten dark skin. Regular usage of this mask will give brightened skin.

Avocado face mask: Now this avocado mask is known for its anti oxidant and moisturizing properties. Its is a great mask for mature skin.

Cucumber face mask.: This mask works well for me on a crazy hot day. It gives nice soothing and fresh feel. Would recommend to keep this in the fridge 1-2hrs before applying.

Red ginseng face mask: Red ginseng is known for its anti ageing and skin brightening properties. Also the sheet mask is reddish yellow in color like red ginseng itself.

Aloe face mask: I generally keep these masks in fridge and i love using this mask when i get sun burnt. As we know that aloe is known for hydrating and soothing the skin

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White tea face mask: This mask helps in brightening and giving an even skin tone when used regularly for long term.

Honey face mask: This mask is great for moisturizing and adding radiance on dry and lackluster skin. I love using this as a regular mask for my dry skin.

These masks are thicker in comparison to the Solution range but i love them both. Would recommend to try all the variants at least once and then figure out which one you liked the most and would likely work for long term on your skin. As mentioned i have noticed a significant difference in my skin in last 30 days after using them regularly.

The Face shop Real Nature sheet mask review

Would I recommend??: Yes its a must try!!



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