The Face Shop Solution Sheet Mask Review


The Face Shop Solution Sheet Mask Review

Hi People,

I have always been obsessed with Korean skin. I just love how flawless their skin texture is, with no pores & no pigmentation. They are the epitome of beauty, for me. And I am always intrigued with Korean beauty. Have you ever heard of their 10- 13 Step of Korean Skin care? After reading the steps I realized their flawless skin is because of the discipline and the effort they put.

Lately, I was going through a phase where my skin got really sensitive and was reacting to almost every product. I decided to go the Korean way to tackle my skin problem. Out of the 10 steps I tried 6. And one of the crucial step involves using Sheet masks. Though I didn’t use these everyday (lazy) I did use them twice or thrice a week depending on my schedule and mood, obviously.

These are masks which are loaded with serum and one needs to place them on the face and let the skin absorb the serum for a good 10-15mins. Post that, one needs to massage the serum in the face and let it get soaked up eventually.

The Sheet masks I used were of The Face Shop Solution range.

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About The Face Shop Solution Sheet Mask

They have 4 ranges in their sheet masks.  One is Real nature range, where the serums are made from the extracts of nature like Olive, honey, rice, berries, aloe Vera etc. 

The 2nd is the solution range. Here, these serums aim to offer solution for pores, for brightening, hydration etc.

The 3rd range is Bio-cell range, where the sheet mask are made up of biocellulose which means that the mask is made from bacteria and they perform better than regular paper masks.

The 4th range is Double wrap face mask. Here, these masks are also made up of biocellulose.

Of these 4 ranges, I have tried the first two ranges and my today’s review is on the Solution range.

Price-Rs.150.(But I purchased when their buy 5 get 5 offer was running)

The Face Shop Solution

How To Use?

I generally use these sheet masks at night, after I have cleansed and properly toned my skin. Its important to have a clean skin, so that it can absorb the serum and its benefits. After I remove the mask I massage for few minutes and then I let the serum sink in my skin overnight. It can get little sticky sometimes, upon which I wipe the serum with a cotton pad but I do not wash it off.

Also, please do not keep this mask on the face for more than 10-15mins as the sheets are absorbents and once the skin has absorbed all the serum from the sheet, the sheet will start absorbing back again from the skin, leaving the skin dry and undernourished.

My Experience with The Face Shop Solution Sheet Masks

I got 6 types of masks from this range for my different concerns. The first one is Nourishing face mask, which I prefer using after a long travel. During travel its difficult to keep up with the skin care routine so this helps in replenishing the missing nourishment for my skin.

The second one is Hydrating face mask. Now I prefer using this after I am back from a party. Especially when I have consumed alcohol. We all know that alcohol is dehydrating and this hydrating mask comes to my rescue.

The third one is Radiance face mask. This is my regular go to face mask. Who wouldn’t love a radiant skin?

The fourth one is Pore care Face mask. As the name suggests, it’s for helping reduce the pores. Reducing pores is not a one time event. It is with regular usage one can actually see the difference.

The fifth one is Brightening face mask. I prefer using them when I have to attend an event next day, it brightens up the skin and it easily lasts for couple of days.

The Face Shop Solution sheet masks

The sixth one and last one is Moisturizing face mask. This is my regular range, as I belong to dry skin type. And I love how the serum gives me a healthy moisturized look.

My Final verdict.

Its been 30days since I have been using these masks. I have almost finished 11 of these, and within 30days my skin has improved drastically. New acnes have completely stopped coming, the marks are also disappearing and my skin looks very healthy.

Will I repurchase?: Absolutely yes, I have already purchased a ton of these during the sale.


  1. Main bhi bahut sheet mast use karti hu, convenient rehta hai na
    Mujhy sirf first two types k mask k barey me pata tha, abhi chk karti hu ki ye baaki available hain ki nahi, ek try banta hai


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