The Glam With Golden Eye Makeup Look


Holla eye makeup lovers!

I had few Blue heaven cosmetics with me ..These are their latest launch so I thought of creating a look with them.Blue heaven products are affordable and not bad ..Its a good option for those who are looking for budget makeup option.One can wear this eye makeup on festivals or on functions..This eye makeup looks so dignified and classy that even your boyfriend or husband won’t make a fuss about the bold colours.  😛 So without further making this introduction longer, let us go straight into the makeup tutorial.

The glam with Golden eye makeup look

Golden Eye Makeup Look

This eye makeup look is created by using Blue Heaven eye shadow palette in the shade 602. The golden and the copperish shade is taken which has gold undertone to it. It is really a simple eye makeup look which can be done by a beginners too!

At first, the eyelids are primed up using and eye primer. If you want you can use any face primer to do the work too!

The glam with Glossy eye makeup look

Next, apply the copperish shade as the base on all over the moving eyelid as well as the crease area.

Top it up with the golden colour to give the eyeshadow a more defined and pop up colour look.

Blend the eye shadow really well so that there are no harsh edges. Blending is the key to all eye makeup look!

Golden eye makeup

Then apply a winged liner. For this winged liner, Blue Heaven Eye and Sketch Pen eyeliner is used.

Then on the lower eyelash, Blue Heaven Innocence Kohl kajal is used. Also, apply a little bit gold eye shadow on the inner corners of the eyes. This will pop up the whole look and make you look awake. 😀

At last, finish off the look by applying Blue Heaven mascara or any mascara that you have.

Golden mermaid with gold eye makeup look

The Glam Face Makeup

After completing the eye makeup, we come to the face makeup. I generally advise you do eye makeup first as you can clear any fall-outs that you have by just wiping. It is quite difficult to clean if the face makeup is done!

For the face, a primer is applied followed by a liquid foundation. You can use any brand that you prefer to use. You can always use a foundation brush or a beauty blender to blend in the product so that there is no streakiness.

Then if you want a dewy finish, keep it like that but for a matte look, apply a little compact over it.

Apply some bronzer at the hollows of the cheeks and if you like, some highlighter on the high points too!

Finish off the look by using a Red lipstick or any classy shade from any brand.

This makeup look will look not only glam but will also be very dignified. Change your lip colour according to the time of the day and you can rock this look at any age!

You can see the whole video and tutorial here:

Go, girls!  🙂


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