The Greek Goddess – OOTD


Yassas ladies!! (That would be Greek for ‘hello’…as far as I know anyway)

I have been reading a lot of books on Greek mythology and have developed a soft spot for it. So, since I cannot time travel back to the grand Greek days, I decided to add a spot of it in my wardrobe.

Basically, this new look of mine is inspired by the Greeks….I’m talking like Helen of Troy, Aphrodite etc. (A bit of trivia info for you ladies here) These women were considered the most beautiful women in the world, goddess of love and blah blah….hence, it is vital that we draw some inspiration from them and infuse it with our sense of modern fashion.

A ‘chiton’ was a common category of clothing for all genders in ancient Greece. We will make do with a tunic-like maxi dress. And these chitons were usually cinched in at the waist with a belt/ girdle known as a ‘zone’.

White and gold were apparently the ‘it’ colours for royalty and gods ….as is evident in the pictures and paintings in which they are represented. But enough about history!! Now that you guys have got the basic idea…let us talk about the outfit!!

I got this basic white maxi dress with a drawstring belt from Chemistry recently. And it’s just perfect for the look I am going for. And it’s so easy and comfortable to pull off. All you need is a couple of golden accessories and presto! One Greek goddess coming up!


THE GREEK GODDESS - OOTD+designer clothes


ACCESSORIES: I paired it up with a necklace I purchased from  one of the online store.

It’s basically strands of gold chains linked together, so it looks like you are wearing multiple chains. You could also go for a gold leaf hair band (also purchased at fab alley) as these sort of resemble the laurel wreaths that the Greeks were so fond of back in those days.

Try not to don both at the same time. It looks a little over the top.


THE GREEK GODDESS - OOTD accessories+fashion tips


HAIR:   straight hair is a no-no for this look. Go for soft, natural curls cascading down the back or simply braid your hair on the side and top it off with a gold hair band.


THE GREEK GODDESS - OOTD hair+summer fashion


MAKE UP:   break out the bronzers. We need a golden glow to the skin. Nude lipstick, some blush (with subtle glitter) and a thin line of eyeliner.

SHOES: Flat soled shoes! Avoid heels. They didn’t have stilettos back then.

Gold based gladiators or strappy chappals will do nicely.

Thrown on a sling/purse/clutch and off you go!


THE GREEK GODDESS - OOTDcomplete look+clothing trends


This look is assured to have everyone’s eyes glued to you. Trust me! It worked for me!

Go, you Greek Goddesses and conquer the fashion world!

About Prerna- I am a fashion designer/stylist (NIFT graduate), currently running my own label. I have been styling for various projects in the entertainment industry ever since I graduated and have recently launched a brand by the name of PREVASU (


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  1. i dont know about others, but my eyes are definitely glued to you… 🙂
    u look mindblowing…and love that hairpiece.. 🙂


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