Must Have Makeup Tools And How To Use Them


Must Have Makeup Tools And How To Use Them

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How are you all? Happy New Year 2019! It is amazing how the year just flew by. I am really thankful for the year that passed and looking forward to the coming year.

So, have you decided any resolutions for the year yet? Well, I am not someone to follow the resolutions seriously. I practice it daily rather than a year long commitment. Last year I decided to reduce my carbs intake and I am happy I followed it most times even while travelling! 🙂

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Sigma Extreme Color Payoff Kit brushes

Coming to the post today, this is a long due post now as there are so many ladies out there who love to apply makeup but are not able to do. And they even have the tools for the same but the thing is they are unaware of how to apply makeup perfectly with these makeup brushes.

makeup brushes

Here comes this elaborate post where I have included the must have 12 brushes for your makeup including face and eyes and how to use them individually for applying the right products.

Foundation Brush

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As the name suggests, this is mainly used to apply foundation on the face without any streak lines and seamless finish. It is a cakewalk to apply foundation with this particular brush. Apply foundation on the face by using this brush from the center towards the hair line.

You can even use it to apply concealer under the eyes.

Beauty Blender

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Wise Blender Precise Beauty Foundation Sponge


Beauty Blender is a pro makeup tool used for makeup application and for a uniform coverage. You should wet and squeeze it prior to use. Use it to apply foundation for an even coverage and sheer finish for a natural look.

Wise Blender Tear Shape


Alternately, you can use it to apply concealer, highlighter, blusher and even dab powder lightly on the face.

Kabuki Brush

pink kabuki brush

A Kabuki brush is a must have for every makeup addict. It is a fluffy soft brush used to apply bronzer on the face along the jawline and the hollows of the cheekbones and the hair line.

You can use it to give a finishing look to your final makeup look and remove any residue or harsh lines on the face.

Large Powder Brush

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As the name implies, it is used to apply loose powder/ translucent powder on the face after makeup application for a final and finished look on the face.

At times of need, you can even use it to lightly sweep on the apples of the cheeks for the light hint of blush. Use powder based blush for this tip.

Angled Blush Brush

sigma makeup brushes in india

Well, this is the right brush you should use for applying blush on the face without going wrong. The angled brush shaped fits perfectly on the cheekbones where you need to apply blush according to your face shape.

It gives that perfect angled hold to apply blush correctly. For heavy or light blush, use this brush for a perfect and on point blush look.

Eye Shadow Brush

wiseshe Eye Shadow Brush


An eye shadow brush is a basic brush you need to apply eye shadow uniformly and at the right places which is not possible through fingers. Use it in a wind shield wiper motion for an intense eye shadow color on the eyes.

You can also use it to apply eye shadow on the lower lash-line for the smoked out effect.

Blending Eye Brush

Blending Eye Brush


This brush is mainly a mini-kabuki brush for the eyes and you need to use this brush for a perfectly blended eye shadow. You need to hold it lightly and swirl it in circular motions for a thorough blended look.

You can use this brush to apply and blend highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes, brow bone, tip & bridge of the nose.

Smudger Brush

Smudger Brush


A smudger brush is perfect to create a soft smokey effect with a shadow of your choice on the eyes. You can simply apply a gel eyeliner and use this smudger brush for the perfect black smokey eye look quickly.

Angled Eyeliner Brush


Angled eyeliner brush is exclusively what you use to apply gel or cream based eyeliner/ shadow perfectly on the lash line. For those who have shivering hands , this brush is what you need to create that perfect eyeliner look you long for.

Fan Brush

Glo Mineral Fan Brush

A fan brush is also a must have makeup tool if you are talking about an elaborate makeup look just as professional makeup artists do. You can use it to sweep off the residue eye shadow powder under the eyes. Apply blush, bronzer, highlighter with this brush lightly for a sheer and subtle look.

Lash/ Brow Brush

Lash brow Brush

This is an essential brush to tame and fix your otherwise bushy or over-grown eye brows easily. Comb your eye brows with this brush. You can also de-clump your eye lashes with this for applying mascara effortlessly.

I hope you like this post and find it useful!

Which is your favorite brushes for makeup application?


  1. Wow, thankfully mere paas ab sabhi tools hain, ye alag baat hai ki main na k barabar hi makeup karti hu, per thanks to Anamika, mere paad magic wand wiseshe brushes bhi hain )


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