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Today’s post is going to feature the categories of mascara. We all love wearing mascara since not everyone has got those luscious lashes. And as per the different requirement, beauty brands came up with several different mascaras.

Wikipedia says :-

“Mascara is a cosmetic commonly used to enhance the eyes. It may darken, thicken, lengthen, and/or define the eyelashes. Normally in one of three forms—liquid, cake, or cream—the modern mascara product has various formulas; however, most contain the same basic components of pigments, oils, waxes, and preservatives.”

max factor volumizing mascara + mascara

According to Collins English dictionary a mascara is :-

“a cosmetic substance for darkening, curling, coloring, and thickening the eyelashes, applied with a brush or rod.”

Basically, a mascara, like any other beauty product comes in different composition and formula’s. There are basically two categories of mascara according to the composition, and both offer various results. These two categories are :-

  • Water proof
  • Non water proof

With the increase in awareness, and consciousness among the modern era’s ladies and girls, we usually tend to buy the waterproof variants more as compared to non water proof mainly because of 2 reasons, firstly you will get raccoon eyes because of sweating and smudging, secondly the brands have still not come up with a non-waterproof variant which is equally good as the waterproof one.

mac zoom fast back lash mascara + mascara

Water proof formulas are composed of various natural/synthetic waxes and other ingredients which are specially designed in order to resist and survive sweat, tears ( 😀 ) and rainfall 😀 . They have a stronger formula as compared to its other variant, and hold lashes for a longer time without much complaints, and can only be removed with a nice cream/oil based eye makeup remover.

Non water proof mascaras are, say the ancestor of waterproof ones. Reason being, that the prior one was quite low-grade and wasn’t that great. They couldn’t resist tears, sweat etc. I personally have tried a non water proof mascara, the experience was horrible ! I applied it, went to college, attended college, left for market with friend.. booom it started raining K Thank God it rained so much that it literally got washed away before anyone could see me 😀

maybelline define a lash mascara+ + mascara

Apart from this, we normally check mascara’s based on requirements such as Volumising, Lengthening, thickening, curling, lash defining and even colored mascara’s and mascara primers. Here on wiseshe, we have covered ‘n’ numbers of mascara, some good, some bad, some must have 😀

  1. Volumizing Mascara :-

As the name suggest, a volumizing mascara is intended to make thin/limp lashes more voluminous, in short words it grants them life !! It helps in giving definition + thickness to the thin and almost short and straight lashes, which need a bit more attention. Most of the times volumizing mascaras can look clumpy, so its best to use them lightly and not more than 2 layers, since over building can lead to flaking of mascara. Here are the best volumizing mascara’s reviewed here:-



  1. Lengthening Mascara :-

Lengthening Mascara’s are supposed to provide an extraordinary length to your lashes (well that’s what they claim). Their only purpose is to provide an illusion of length to small and short lashes. They’re composed of synthetic fibers and other ingredients which hold on to your lashes and makes your lashes look long. Here are a few best lengthening mascaras:-


  1. Curling Mascara :-

Curling mascara curl your already lengthy lashes (depends if you have 😛 ) , or provides a natural curl to your lashes so that they look more obvious and pretty. A curling mascara is useful for any type of lashes, short, limp, lengthy. The formula however can be very thick, so make sure you curl your lashes before, and then apply 2 layers of the mascara, not more than that cause it may clump.

avon super curl mascara + mascara

Other than these basic variants, we have other mascara’s reigning the beauty turf based on their claim, such as :-

  • Smudge proof : they don’t smudge or flake, which is an added benefit because it survives whole day.
  • Mascara with primers/ Mascara primers :- Err..i’m totally new to this concept, and we don’t have enough brands here with these kind of mascara’s so here is just a graphic for you to understand better J

too faced mascara + mascara

Lastly the results of any mascara depends majorly on the kind of wand it has. Nowadays brands focus more on specific design of wand to ensure that it gives best results as per the claim. There are fat wands which are mostly found in volumizing mascara’s, thin wands with distinct poky bristles which are mostly found in lengthening mascara’s and then we have curved wands for curling mascara’s

I hope you liked this post, do share in your thoughts too, and which is the best mascara you used till date  🙂

Godbless !! :-*


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  1. Interesting post !!!!! I have only one mascara Maybelline express volum. I plan to buy some more and this is a useful post. thanks!!! :-))

    • pleasure janani 🙂 🙂 its with time only we tend to discover our needs naa 😀 even i took lot of time to understand wt kind of mascara i need .. 🙂 m glad u found d post useful :hug-makeup:

  2. thanks upsiiii… usefull info :yes: :yes: .. i use a mascara from lakme.. so according to u mascara from which brand gives u more volume???

  3. Lovely post Upsi!! :yes: :hug-makeup: I love mascaras! Y’know, suprisingly, lakme lash artist mascara is not water proof but it still holds fairly decently without streaming down ur face. Maybelline is the world number 1 and every1’s fav when it comes to mascara formulation. TBS one comes flowing down at the slightest hint of water. One of the best I’ve tried is Avon waterproof one that used to come in greyish blue tube loooong back. :-)) Btw…u forgot clear mascara 😀

    • thnku nafi 🙂 me too love mascara’s but i hvnt xperimented diff.mascara’s .. i guess only 4 till date 😕 out of wich 2 were my re-purchase :laugh: n i agree maybelline is best out of d drugstore 😀 😀 n clear mascara is a variety 😛 doesnt falls into a specific category so i didnt cover it up


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