The Nature’s Co Berry Soap for Dry Skin Review


The Nature’s Co Berry Soap for Dry Skin   Ah!! Ladies – How is the week coming up  huh?? Wanna have some exotic smell around you to make your day? Well I have something which may or may not make your day 😛 wanna know why read on… Today I am relaxing myself with some berries around me and thought of writing this review on – The Nature’s Co – ‘Berry Soap’ for Dry Skin. :-P.   The Nature’s Co Berry Soap for Dry Skin Review+bath soaps

About The Nature’s Co Berry Soap for Dry Skin:

Loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants and a natural source of beta-hydroxy acid which help loosen dead skin cells, allowing new cells to form. Lather up with the delicious, sweet scent of Berries with a soap that cleans and conditions your skin, as well. Price: Rs 345. You can buy it from Nature’s co official site OR Net Weight: 125gm. Ingredients:  Strawberry pulp, Olive Oil, Natural Coconut Extract, Aloe extract. (Nothing else?? huh? O.o I doubt how the ingredients are so short :-/ :-O) anyways lets move on….   The Nature’s Co Berry Soap for Dry Skin Review Package+natural soap

My Take on The Nature’s Co Berry Soap for Dry Skin:

This was happened when I first visited the store of The Nature’s Co- they had some offer going on – Buy any 3 and get 30% off… I was like yaayy 😀 seeing all those few good reviews on some selected Nature’s co product made me toe decide what I actually want 😛 .. I went and took Coffee Scrub (my fav now am using wisely) and Passion fruit Pineapple Body Mist (another fruity mist). Well Anyhow I had to make 3 to get 30% off… I headed towards soap section and this soap OMG! Its smell awesome… The first time I sniffed it just lingers around and been a Fruity smell lover I can’t resist myself taking this. Bonus! 😛 The SA says its good for dry skin – those who don’t know I have dry skin :-/ Even its written on the paper crafted piece attached to it.. ok so done. Got 3 stuffs with 30% off.   The Nature’s Co Berry Soap for Dry Skin Review Shape and Size+glycerin soap   Now the main part- Dry skin ladies – ‘Never’ think of getting It.!! Reason?? It’s itchy 🙁 I was totally disappointed with the quality of the soap.. I agree the smell is a killer for those who like fruity smells.. as if lots of strawberries, blueberries, rashberries has been squashed together to make this soap… 😛 It works well in cleaning your skin, it has lots of berry seed which helps in exfoliating your skin too.. nice! Giving you a nice fruity smell which you feel like sniffing it again and again..lingers around almost 45mints -1 hour post shower. BUT- It dries out your dry skin like hell and give an itchy feelings all together, more dryness more itchy it feels..Duh! Money in vain L…The skin type should be changed to- For oily skin… x-(. Anyhow I have to finish it now.. But seeing the price, I had cut into 2 pcs to last me long.   The Nature’s Co Berry Soap for Dry Skin+soap bath

What I like about The Nature’s Co Berry Soap for Dry Skin:

  • The mixed fruity smell.
  • The exfoliating effect on skin.
  • Quirky Cleaning approved!
  • Feel fresh and calm after bath.
  • Lather well.
  • The colour of the soap (In sunlight – shows Red with black particles and under natural or indoor light- it’s black in colour).
  • The packaging looks exotic similar to some spa product.

What I don’t like about The Nature’s Co Berry Soap for Dry Skin:

  • Make skin more dry and itchy each time you take shower. Plz change the name it’s so misleading! X-(
  • Full ingredients not listed.
  • The Price.. too much for a soap that too with this kind of quality.!
  • Does nothing for removing tan.
  • NO Moisturization effect on skin.
  • Dry out my skin more..
  • The exfoliating particles are not so effective to buff skin.
  • Good for oily skin rather (not a con for me but good for oily skin).
  • Waste of money. 🙁

Rating: 2.5/5 (drying skin, itchy feelings, not moisturizing, harsh on skin, not good in exfoliation etc). Final Verdict: No. I won’t purchase it again. Dry skin ladies – skip this. But Oily skin ladies can give it a sort.

Have you tried The Nature’s Co Berry Soap for Dry Skin ?



    • Shivi.. U can try other few products which according to me is good. Their Coffee scrub, body mist, eye pillow, Corn face pack (removes tan and for oily skin ) except Corn face pack I have all and pretty like them..

      Coming to this one.. If u have oily skin u can go for it.. U ll love the smell 😀

    • Thanks Gowthami.. even me too 😛 I wanna lick this bar but resisted my self.. 😛 . All goood but the only issue is it dry out my skin more 🙁

    • lolz Dharani 😛 its might be because of my dry skin but those who have oily skin can easily use it.. Its smell yummy, linger around, exfoliate, clean etc.. but the only problem for me is Itchiness 🙁

  1. Nicely reviewed girl 🙂 It looks tempting in those clicks 😉
    I like berry aroma but currently my soap rack is filled with 6-7 handmade soaps .. will give this range a shot later 😉

  2. It sounds so delicious 😛 But that’s so bad it is meant for dry skin and further dries it out :O and that itchy feel I hate the brands that cheat >_< Thanx for the review btw 😛


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