The Nature’s Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash Review



The Nature’s Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash


Hello gorgeous people, Mother Nature is really being very unfair this year. This morning when I was reading the newspaper I saw news about rains in jaipur and I was so taken aback since it did not rain even a single drop in my area though it is in jaipur only. Bahut na-insaafi hai boss… 🙁

So after the weather report let me tell you all about the product that I shall be reviewing today. Today the product for the review is COOL CUCUMBER FACE WASH by The nature’s Co June beauty wish box. I am very fond of this face wash. Read on to know why??


The Nature’s Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash


About The Nature’s Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash:

For oily and acne-prone face. The cooling, cleaning and cleansing property of cucumber extract helps your skin to making it soft and supple. It also improves your complexion and tighten open pores. It is good for oily skin due to its refreshing and astringent action. Willow tree extract contains beta hydroxyl acids, which gently exfoliates the skin and cleans within the pores, and its anti microbial property preventing the formation of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Directions for Use: Pour onto palms of hands, lather up with a little water and then gently rub onto face, avoiding the eye contour. Rinse off, pat dry and moisturize…

Price: Rs. 345 for 125 ml. I got a sample of 15ml.


TNCo Cool Cucumber Face Wash


My experience with The Nature’s Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash:

Packaging: I got my sample in a transparent tiny plastic bottle with a white cap which flip opens. The company sells the product in a transparent tube which too has flip open cap.

Texture: It is a green color face wash which has a mediocre gel like consistency which is not very runny. It looks green in the bottle but actually it is very light green in color almost next to transparent.


The Nature’s Co Cucumber Face Wash


My Take: I am simply in love with this face wash. Again this product too is meant for oily skin and on the contrary I have normal to dry skin these days. Initially I was skeptical about the product and was ready for that stretchy dry feel considering the product is for oily skinned beauties. But No No NOooo, this did not dry out my face. Infact it left my face fresh and squeaky clean.

It has a smell on fresh cucumbers which is not bothersome at all and it does not lingers for long.

As such I have not felt any cooling sensation but yes, I can always feel the freshness after every use. I cannot comment on its work on blackheads and pimples since I don’t have any…


TNC Cucumber Face Wash swatch


Touchwood… I keep my face regular with clean ups.

Only a little amount is required to lather well and clean face & neck.

What I like about The Nature’s Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash:

  • Natural ingredients.
  • Feels fresh and smooth post usage.
  • Lathers well.
  • Pea size quantity is required for each usage.
  • Does not dry out skin.
  • Meant for all skin types, even sensitive too, I have sensitive skin.
  • Transparent packaging makes it easy to know the quantity of the product left.
  • Cleans everyday makeup too.

What I don’t like about The Nature’s Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash:

  • Price can be a con for few.

Rating: 5/5… I could even give it a 6 on 5 if allowed.

Will I Recommend: Of course yes… I am madly in love with this face wash.
I am just going to order this face wash, even though I still have half bottle of my bio bloom face wash(which I will review soon) from which I had no complains.

Have you tried The Nature’s Co Cool Cucumber Face Wash ?

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    • If u luv cucumbers so much, den ma sure dat ds product will mke u feel divine, it has got fresh cucumber’s smell.

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