The Nature’s Co Lemongrass Body Wash Review



The Nature’s Co Lemongrass Body Wash


Hey everyone, today I shall be reviewing a body wash which was a part of the The Nature’s Co June beauty wish box. Body wash that is entirely natural & chemical free is such a tempting idea in itself.

Let us see how does this body wash fares.


The Nature’s Co Lemongrass Body Wash


About The Nature’s Co Lemongrass Body Wash:

Deodorizes and rejuvenates your skin.

Created to cleanse and purify the skin, our Lemongrass Body Wash has a vibrant, fresh and crisp smell that deodorizes and rejuvenates your skin. It has excellent antiseptic that help normalize oil production and reduces breakouts. This cleansing body wash can lather up in the bath or shower leaving your skin refreshingly clean, smooth and lightly scented.

Ingredients: Lemongrass extract, Pro- Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera Extract.

Price: I received a sample size of 5ml. It costs Rs.485 for 250ml.You may get it from flipkart here.

Shelf Life: 12 months.


The Nature’s Co BodyWash Lemongrass


My experience with The Nature’s Co Lemongrass Body Wash:

Packaging: This body wash came in a rectangular transparent plastic bottle with a screw open white colored plastic cap. The Body wash bottle which the company sells has a similar bottle but that has a flip open mechanism.


TNC Lemongrass Body Wash


Texture: The body wash has a little runny gel like consistency which is grass green in color.

My take: This body wash was included in the June beauty wish box keeping the monsoon humidity in mind since this month’s theme was “Beauty in the Rain”. The Nature’s Co recommends this body wash for oily skin, and I have normal to dry skin. But to my surprise, on its usage I realize that this body wash does not rip of moisture from body and my dry skin did not feel any extended dryness. Since the product was for oily skin, I was actually mentally prepared that post using this body wash I will have to run for a moisturizer, but nothing as such happened.


Nature's Co Lemongrass Body Wash


This product has a strong, very natural lemongrass like fragrance, which lingers only for a while. So not a big issue for those sensitive noses as the smell shall be gone in a jiffy.
It lathered well when I used it just with my hand for the photographs for this review and lathers well with the loofah too. But when used with bathing gloves it did not lather much. Then three-Four pea sized drops were required for the whole body.


Nature's Co Lemongrass Body Wash swatch


What I like about The Nature’s Co Lemongrass Body Wash:

  • Natural Ingredients.
  • Does not rip off moisture from body.
  • Lathers well with loofas.
  • Body does not feel slippery post usage like most other chemical laden body washes do.
  • Free from chemicals.

What I don’t like about The Nature’s Co Lemongrass Body Wash:

  • The strong smell is a con for many.

No other con.

Rating: 4.5/5

Will I recommend: Definitely Yes.

Have you tried The Nature’s Co Lemongrass Body Wash ?

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  1. Now you have lavish lavish bathing daily 😉 I really like the colour, go green go natural 😛 nice review and the pictures are so aptly clicked 😀


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