The Nature’s Co Marigold Hair Cleanser Review


The Nature’s Co Marigold Hair Cleanser

Hey people, today’s review brings the three month The Nature’s Co beautywish box subscription to an end. By now I have lost the counts of how many times I have thanked Anamika for all the big to bigger things she has done for me. Of course the subscription too was a gift from her to me, again thank you Anamika, and this gift made me across some really amazing products that I shall continue using.

I won’t review the nature’s co Jasmine – Muguet Body mist since it is already been reviewed by our dearest Anamika. If you wish to go through that review you can click here.

I shall review their Marigold Hair Cleanser today. I had a bizarre experience with one of their hair cleanser that was a part of the other beautywish box. But thankfully I did not had a similar experience with this hair cleanser.


The Nature’s Co Marigold Hair Cleanser


The Nature’s Co Marigold Hair Cleanser Claims: Cleansing; Moisturizing; Has anti-oxidant properties that will hydrate damaged hair.
Get soft, silky hair with our Marigold shampoo. Its anti-oxidant properties will return vitality and body to hair damaged by harmful external factors providing it with hydration and reinforcing and strengthening the fragile parts.

Directions For Use: Apply a small amount and gently massage into the hair and scalp area. Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary. For best results, follow with Marigold Conditioner. Because it is natural and gentle, it may be used daily.

Ingredients: Marigold extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Pro-Vitamin B5, Apple cedar vinegar, Aloe Vera extract.

Price: Rs. 695.00

Net Wt: 250 ml ( 8.4 fl. oz.)

Shelf Life: 2 years


Nature’s Co Marigold Hair Cleanser ingredients


My experience with The Nature’s Co Marigold Hair Cleanser:

Packaging: I received a 35 ml sample sized tube of it which was transparent with a black colored screw able cap. The nature’s Co sells this cleanser in a rectangular transparent bottle with a silver grey cap that has a orange colored flip open cap meant for dispensing the cleanser out.

Texture: The hair cleanser is peachy yellow in color has a very runny consistency, a little tilting of the bottle will get you the product dispensed out and it does not lather heavily.


Nature’s Co Marigold Hair Cleanser


Smell: The Marigold hair cleanser has a pleasant smell but I did not find it exactly like that of a marigold flower. You may find it weird but I find the smell very close to that of Coriander seeds, even if it is not there in the cleanser. It smells exactly like Coriander seeds with a blend of marigolds.

My Take: The company claims that the cleanser has moisturizing properties and is meant for dry hair.

The moment I saw this, I was like – ‘thankfully the nature’s co sent a product for my hair type’.

I knew that this cleanser was not going to be a bad product but will it be good was the question!

The major disappointment was the lather, I like my cleansers to lather well but it lather very minorly and its runny consistency was other thing that I don’t like. It gets hard to handle the product.


Nature’s Co Marigold Hair Cleanser swatch


It cleans scalp well and does not rip off moisture, but then there was no extra hydration. Don’t ever think of using this cleanser on oiled hair, since it is a mild cleanser, cleaning oily hair will be a huge task for this cleanser.

Overall this is just a normal cleanser that cleans scalp & hair well without making your hair a frizz ball and make them dry.

What I like about The Nature’s Co Marigold Hair Cleanser:

  • Natural Ingredients.
  • Pleasant smell.
  • Cleans Scalp well.
  • Does not make hair dry.
  • Does not make hair frizzy.
  • Good for everyday wash for fine hair.

What I don’t like about The Nature’s Co Marigold Hair Cleanser:

  • Runny consistency.
  • Does not lather well.
  • Will not clean oiled hair.
  • No extra moisturisation or hydration as claimed.

Rating: 3.5/5

Have you tried The Nature’s Co Marigold Hair Cleanser?

Will I Recommend: This is just a mild cleanser that neither damage hair nor hydrate them. Girls with fine hair who wash hair very often (almost every single day) can try this since it will not dry their hair that regular cleansing may do.

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