The Nature’s Co Peppermint Face Wash Review/ First Impressions


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The Nature’s Co Peppermint Face Wash

Hey Beauties,

I am here with another product from my April’s Beauty Wish Box from The Nature’s Co. I had opted for a 3-month subscription and eagerly waiting for the May Beauty Wish Bag now! 🙂

the natures co peppermint face wash ingredients

About The Nature’s Co Peppermint Face Wash

Anti-bacterial; Purifying and unclogs pores. Refreshing, reviving, fragrant Peppermint extracts act as a natural astringent to normalize skin oiliness. Our cooling, anti-bacterial Face Wash works as a mild yet effective cleansing agent that breaks down oily, pore-clogging residue without irritating or drying skin. Use everyday, morning and night. Wet face, squeeze a small amount into palm of hand. Gently massage onto face in circular motions. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water.

Price– INR 425 for 125ml. I got a sample size of 20ml.

IngredientsAloe Vera extract, Orange oil, Tea tree oil, Peppermint oil, Peppermint extract, Gel Base

the natures co peppermint face wash

My Experience with The Nature’s Co Peppermint Face Wash

Packaging– The packaging is simple with a transparent plastic tube and a screw open cap. The full sized tube has a flip open cap as well to make it easy to squeeze the required amount of product.

the natures co peppermint face wash packaging

Product Color& Texture- The face wash appears as a muddy yellow clear liquid in the tube. It is a clear gel based face wash and is a little runny. The face wash is formulated for oily skin and with the gel based texture, it seems just apt!

the natures co peppermint face wash texture

Fragrance– The fragrance of this face wash is dominant of the peppermint essence or oil which is the main ingredient of this face wash. Peppermint is great for the skin during the summers as it refreshes and cools the skin.  I do feel the fragrance is little strong for sensitive noses!

My Take- I have a normal skin which turns to combination oily during extreme summers due to humidity. Under air conditioned atmosphere, I skin is just as normal but as soon as the temperature rises, oil secretions starts on my face. So, this face wash interested me a lot to try during the hot days of May!

The face wash has a strong fragrance and there are many who can’t take such strong peppermint smell! This face wash initially stings or you can say instantly gives a cooling sensation which feels like a sting! This is mainly due to the cooling peppermint ingredient which is not bothering to me!

the natures co peppermint face wash review

The face wash is effective in removing excess oil from the face without making the skin dry. It didn’t give any breakouts to my skin and I can happily live with such a product! 🙂

It lathers mildly and you need just a small amount of this face wash for a single use so a full sized tube is going to last you long!

Overall, this was a good face wash which I got to try and I am certainly looking forward to get the full sized product!

What I like about The Nature’s Co Peppermint Face Wash?

  • Effectively removes excess oil
  • Cooling sensation upon use
  • No breakouts
  • Doesn’t dry the skin
  • Great for combination-oily skin
  • Natural ingredients

What I don’t like about The Nature’s Co Peppermint Face Wash?

  • Strong peppermint fragrance!


Will I recommend?– Well, yes if you have combination oily skin during summers and looking out for a natural face wash to get rid of the excess oil! But buy only if you can stand a strong peppermint smell!

Have you tried The Nature’s Co Peppermint Face Wash?

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