The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Skin Re – Firming Lotion Review


The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Skin Re-Firming Lotion


Hello my beautiful ladies, am back again after showing you all my July Beautywish Box by The Nature’s Co.

Just like the box got me excited, your comments revealed me about your curiosities too. So my dear ladies your wait is over and with today’s review let us start the beautywish box’s products review. As Ruhee wanted the lip balm to be reviewed first but this product is already being reviewed here on wiseshe, So I shall review the Sea Fennel Skin Re- Firming Lotion by the Nature’s Co.


The Nature's Co Sea Fennel ReFirming lotion


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About The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Skin Re – Firming Lotion:

Toning; Re-firming; Moisturizing & Softening.
Sea Fennel is brimming with minerals and vitamins that gives it natural refirming abilities. This lotion provides wholesome skin sustenance, giving your skin a worked-out, firm, toned look. Use it daily to moisturize and tone.

Ingredients: Sea fennel extract, Olive oil, Kokum Butter, Vitamin-E

Directions For Use: Massage into your skin using circular motions. For best results concentrate on problem-prone areas like the thighs, hips, buttocks, stomach and upper arm or use after a work-out.

Shelf Life: 24 months

Price: Rs. 495

Net Wt: 125 ml ( 4.2 fl. Oz )

My experience with The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Skin Re – Firming Lotion:

Packaging: I got a sample sized transparent tube with a twist open cap of 15ml. They sale the Re- Firming lotion in a similar transparent tube made of fibrous plastic, though there is a little difference in its cap. The lotion for sale purposes have a cap that twists opens and at the same time has a flip open mechanism for dispensing out the product.


The Nature's Co Sea Fennel Re-Firming Lotion -02


The packaging is just as usual nothing extra ordinary.

Texture: The Re- Firming lotion is not thick at all and has a runny consistency. It consistency is a little tricky to handle and a little tilting of the product, even without any pressure on the tube, may dispense out some extra product in hand. The Re – Firming Lotion easily absorbs into the skin without any extra massaging.

Smells How: I cannot exactly describe how this Re- Firming lotion smells like, but it has a total natural kind of scent not chemical at all. I have got no issues with its scent, neither have I fallen for its scent nor I have any problem with it. Anyways the scent does not linger for long and vanishes after few minutes.

My Take: I have been using this lotion regularly on my face for more than ten days now. I have not tried on my body since the sample sized quantity was not enough to observe the product’s capabilities on full body. Since, I have dry skin so my face accepts any toning very warmly.
The texture as I already mentioned is a bit tricky. I have used this lotion in both day and night times regularly and so far I have not felt any noticeable toning or firming effects.


TNC Sea Fennel ReFirming lotion swatch


For me it just works like a regular moisturizing lotion. So if this Re- Firming Lotion works that way on by face, I am little skeptical how good will it work for thigh and buttocks.

But one thing that I feel good about this lotion is that it makes my skin feel supple and fresh, though it may show up firming and toning effects in the long run of its usage.

What I Like About The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Skin Re – Firming Lotion:

  • Smells good.
  • Soaks in the skin in a jiffy.
  • Makes skin supple and fresh.
  • Transparent tube allows to see through how much product is left.
  • Packaging is travel friendly.

What I Don’t Like About The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Skin Re – Firming Lotion:

  • The runny consistency.
  • The lotion works slowly on the firming front.

Rating: 3.5/5

Will I Recommend: Though it is rated good but still for firming issues I really cannot recommend it until and unless it shows up some effects. But as a regular lotion, it is recommended; it nourishes and leaves behind no greasy feel.

Have you tried The Nature’s Co Sea Fennel Skin Re – Firming Lotion?

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