The Nature’s Co White Lily Body Scrub Review


The Nature’s Co White Lily Body Scrub


Hey people, I am back again with a review on another body scrub by The Nature’s Co. This is my second body scrub from The Nature’s Co. So far I have had a good equation with The Nature’s Co products. I earlier reviewed The Nature’s Co Irish Moss Sugar Body Scrub; you can go through the review here.




This scrub too is a nice product but does it fare as good as their Irish Moss Sugar Body Scrub. To answer this let me just straight away head towards the review.

About The Nature’s Co Corn White Lily Body Scrub:

Beneficial for dry, sensitive skin due to its emollient and hydrating features. Take on a smooth skin with the exotic White Lily Body Scrub. Enriched with lily of the valley extract which soothes and purifies your skin. Corn grits gently exfoliate dull surface cells and other impurities to reveal a fresh, smooth and radiant skin.

Directions For Use: In the shower or bath, slather it over your entire body. Rub into your skin, then rinse well. It’s gentle and can be used 2-3 times a week.

Ingredients: Lily of the valley extract, Corn Grits, Coconut oil, Wheat germ oil, Almond oil, Vitamin – E.’

Price: Rs. 975

Net Wt: 250 ml (8.5 Fl. Oz. )

Shelf Life: 2 years.


The Nature’s Co White Lily Body Scrub


My experience with The Nature’s Co Corn White Lily Body Scrub:

Packaging: I received the body scrub in a 20 ml sample sized tub that comes with a protective lid and a cap that screw opens. The Nature’s Co sells the body scrub in a transparent tube packing that has cap which flips open and is screw able too. The packaging is really good. The transparent tube makes it easy to trace the quantity of product left and is hygienic too.

Texture: It has a creamy texture with exfoliating granules of very light shade of brown. The granules are abrasive.

Smell: It has a weird smell and I could really identify how it really smells like, but am glad that the smell does not last for long and goes away as soon as the scrub is rinsed off.


The Nature’s Co Body Scrub White Lily


My Take: I quite like the creamy texture of this but the abrasive granules really turned out to be a bit too harsh for my dry – sensitive skin. Though it exfoliated well and got me rid off dead cells but it turned my skin red as if I went my skin through a tortured procedure. But the good thing is that, that the redness of skin goes away after few minutes otherwise I really got scared after I saw my skin.0

People who do not have sensitive skin may not have an issue with its granules. The cream that it has is absorbed very quickly and my skin did not feel dry post its usage.

Over all it is a fine scrub that exfoliates well but has a little abrasive granules. I like the Irish Moss sugar scrub more.


TNC White Lily Body Scrub swatch


What I like about The Nature’s Co White Lily Body Scrub:

  • Nice tube packaging.
  • Made of natural ingredients.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Does not dry out skin.

What I don’t like about The Nature’s Co White Lily Body Scrub:

  • Exfoliating granules are abrasive, not apt for sensitive skins.
  • Price not worth for a harsh scrub.
  • Smells weird.

Rating: 3/5

Will I Recommend: I do not recommend it but at the same time I do not hate this product. So people sans sensitive skin, may give it a shot if desired.

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