The Nature’s Co White Pepper Cleansing Lotion Review/ First Impressions


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The Nature’s Co White Pepper Cleansing Lotion

Hello Everyone,

I am really enjoying The Nature’s Co March Beauty Wish Box and so far I have already shared my thoughts on a face wash and body lotion which I recieved in the box. Since, I used the face wash and body lotion on a daily basis, I emptied them first followed by this cleansing lotion. So let me just share what the brand says about this lotion!

the natures co white pepper lotion cleanser

About The Nature’s Co White Pepper Cleansing Lotion

Wipe it all off with the antiseptic and purifying qualities of White Pepper. It increases blood flow at the skin’s surface enabling the ingredients to penetrate immediately and clean more effectively. Massage a small amount gently onto your skin using circular movements. Then either rinse with warm water or wipe with wet cotton pad. It can also be used to remove both eye and face make-up.

Price- INR 345 for 100ml

Ingredients-White pepper extract, Coconut oil, Olive oil, Vegetable Glycerin

the natres co cleansing lotion ingredients

Shelf Life-2years from

Packaging- The full sized product comes in a translucent rectangular bottle. I received a size of 15ml which is a transparent cute bottle. It is travel friendly and has a screw open cap with a flip top. Well, as the cleansing lotion is not too runny, you need to squeeze it out with some effort. I felt that the flip cap was nice but the plastic material was too hard as whenever I squeezed from the small nozzle, I hardly managed to get little lotion. So I preferred to open the screw cap instead. I wish the full sized bottle is soft enough to be easily squeezed! 🙂

the natures co cleansing lotion

Product Color & Texture– This cleansing lotion is pure white in color and has a creamy consistency which is not too thick nor runny! It tends to get easily applied on the skin and makes the makeup removal or regular cleansing effective. After wiping it doesn’t leaves the skin oily.

Fragrance-This cleansing lotion smells typically as white pepper and spices. The fragrance is a little overpowering! Sensitive people may find it not so great. 🙁

the natures co white pepper cleansing lotion

My Take– Well, Honestly speaking this cleansing lotion broke me out on the very first day and after 3-4 hours I saw two tiny boils on my cheek area. Now, I am already taking medicinal ointments for fading the brown spots left after the acne marks and these two pimples were just not acceptable as I didn’t had a single pimple in the recent 2-3 months except for those over the brows after a threading session!

So, I didn’t try it the next 3 days. After that I thought I will try it once again to see if the boil persists and was ready to expect a breakout but thankfully, this time it didn’t give any breakouts!

the natures co pepper cleansing lotion

The tip is to apply the cleansing lotion is small quantity so that the white pepper ingredient doesn’t irritates the sensitive part of the skin. I also experienced mild burning sensation where the skin peeling is evident due to the medicinal ointment for the acne spots.

Well, on the basis of its effective cleansing, I surely liked this lotion which is made from all natural ingredients. It removes every trace of dirt or grime from the face and also removes makeup perfectly. Although I prefer oil based makeup removers more for removing makeup! I was quite impressed when I tried removing a damn pigmented lip color from Wet N Wild (Saraghina) and it removed it quite effectively! (Y)

the natures co cleanser

What I like about The Nature’s Co White Pepper Cleansing Lotion:

  • Effective cleansing
  • Doesn’t leaves the skin greasy
  • Acts as a decent makeup remover
  • Doesn’t irritates the skin
  • Texture is superb for cleansing
  • Contains the anti-septic goodness of white pepper

What I don’t like about The Nature’s Co White Pepper Cleansing Lotion:

  • Fragrance may be an issue
  • It may sting on first use over sensitive skin!

Rating- 4/5

Will I recommend?– Well, yes if you don’t have an issue with the spicy pepper fragrance. It is a great cleanser to try once! 🙂

Have you tried  The Nature’s Co White Pepper Cleansing Lotion?

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