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There was a time when girls used to cover up their imperfections like freckles using makeup and today, girls are creating or accentuating their imperfections using it. Woah! Serious time change this is. Freckles are a kind of spots that come into your life quite early and it can be a sign of youth. And this theory is what making the freckles makeup trend so popular. Ladies have this thought that if they have freckles on their skin, they will look younger and we can’t deny them fully. Checking out a few ladies who are rocking this imperfect skin makeup trend and also ways on how to create this freckled skin illusion. Dig in!


Freckled Skin Illusion And How to Create It:

Why create freckles?

Though freckles won’t vanish your fine lines or wrinkles but will surely give an appearance of a youthful skin. Freckles are a sign of youth and it was the time when you didn’t care about your skin and used to move with the flow.

Freckles, when put over the foundations look unnaturally natural as if you have that naturally flawless skin. It gives a playful vibe and gives an instant fresh look of the no-foundation face. It is becoming a fast trend and girls are going ga-ga over it. Everyone right from runaway to the girl next door is willing to try this trend.

How to create freckles?

We can create freckles by an eyebrow pencil or kit. Though it may look like an eyeliner but when using eyebrow kits, you get greater control as the amount of pigmentation is lesser. You can work according to your needs or can even mix two colours to get that perfect colour freckles effect on your skin.

There are certain points to be remembered: First, always choose a colour that is lighter than your hair colour. Light and medium brown work on those with fair to medium skin and hair, and medium and dark brown look best on warmer skin tones. Simply dab the eyebrow product on the skin in a very precise motion on your cheeks, nose and even eyelids.


But remember not to make the spots too perfect to be true. Just some random spots here and there and it is as natural as that.

And so, we come to the end. Hope you have liked it.

You can watch the videos here:


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