The Perfect Night Care Regime


The Perfect Night Care Regime


How much do you take care of your skin? I hear you girls! You do care but don’t have enough time for a long routine. But do you really think that you cannot give even 10 minutes to your skin?

Most girls do a lot for glow on their face but forget to follow a night care regime or rather skip it. But let me remind you that following a proper night care regime is really important. When you sleep, your skin relaxes and it is the best time to give it some extra care.

If you want radiant skin throughout the day, you need to say goodbye to the lazy ways and get down to follow a night skincare routine. It hardly takes 10 minutes and results will show up as glowing skin.

Makeup Removal

This step is essential for all makeup maniacs. Do not think that cleanser is enough to rid your face of all the grease paint. It took you time to put the makeup on and so it will take a little time take it off. Use a good quality makeup remover that is formulated for your skin type. You can also try instant makeup remover pads.


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Makeup removers are especially meant to dissolve the makeup and so are the best things to make your skin free of it. Take some amount of makeup remover on a cotton pad and use it to wipe your face.


For the next step, use a gentle cleanser that suits you. You can try either foaming or non-foaming cleansers. Good cleansers help in removing dirt and germs from face. It is also advisable that you splash some warm water on your face before using the cleanser. This will help in deep penetration of the cleanser as the pores will be opened.


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Gently massage the cleanser on your face and rinse off with cold water to close the pores. You can replace cleanser with an exfoliating scrub once or twice a week to remove dead cells.



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This step is optional and is meant mainly for oily skin. Your skin is already clean so you can either use toner to firm it up or skip it altogether. Let me remind you that toning is not essential.

Face Care



Now is the time for the longest 😛 step in the night-time skin care routine. If you have dark circles or suffer from puffy eyes then massage an eye cream around your eyes. Be gentle and use only the ring fingers for massage.

Then apply a hydrating lip balm on your lips and massage a little.

And to end it all, moisturize your face. Make it a point to moisturize your skin daily to get soft, plump and baby-like skin. Again use a suitable moisturiser. Oily ladies, you too have to moisturise. I’ve super oily skin and used to skip moisturiser but not any more. My skin is much better now with regular hydration.

You can use any night cream or serum that works for you. These things help in restoring your skin and make it glow. Some products also fight ageing and blemishes so choose accordingly. If you have no particular potion for yourself then use any suitable moisturiser. I use Aloe Vera gel (as nothing else works for me) which is super light, non-sticky and suits all skin types.

And don’t forget to take a rich hand cream and massage your hands with it for five minutes (it elongates the regime by 5 minutes ;-))

What is your night time skin care?

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  1. Useful tips Maitri, You have emphasized them beauifully. I almost follow all of them. Recently bought Kiehls MRC serum and eye cream hoping for them to work on me.

  2. great post, I started using serums recently only and like the way they are working for me… though I am not that regular with toning now will try to be 🙂


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