The Right Way To Wash Your Face


The Right Way To Wash Your Face


Well, yes there IS a right way to wash your face. Many of you may be thinking like ‘is it rocket science?’

You know that the answer will be negative as washing face properly is no rocket science. But dearies! its not a mean task either. There are certain steps that you need to follow during a face wash to get the maximum benefits of the process. It does not mean that you need like half an hour to wash your face.


how to wash face

Here are the simple steps for a proper face wash.

Start clean

Not your face but hands. Yes don’t make the mistake of thinking that hands will get clean in the process of washing the face. Rather you will end up making your face more prone to damage. Just like it is advised to not keep touching your face all the time lest you should get germs, washing hands is necessary before washing your face. This job can be done by any hand wash of your choice.

Rinse your face

But not before removing makeup. Firstly remove makeup with your preferred makeup remover then rinse your face with lukewarm water. Lukewarm water is preferred as it opens up the facial pores and aids cleansing. NEVER use hot water as it will only damage the delicate facial skin.

Choose the best

It is a no-brainer that you should always choose a face wash that is best for skin type. Oily-skinned girls should opt for a wash with salicylic acid and dry-skinned beauties should prefer a mild and moisturizing cleanser. And most importantly, your cleanser should be soap-free.
Take the required amount of the wash on your hands, rub it a little and apply on you face in circular motions. Don’t go rub-rub all the way. Massage gently for 30-60 seconds. Now Wash-off your face with cold water again not with freezing cold. Splash water on face till every trace of the face wash is gone.

Pat dry

Take a clean face towel and dry your face in patting motion and not by rubbing it vigorously.

T & M

Follow up with a good toner again as per your skin type. This step is especially important for oily beauties. Also toner removes every remaining trace of impurity from face.

Moisturize your skin after toning it. Dry skins need a moisturizer. Oily skins may not feel the need to apply a moisturizer but they should. Yes they should use an oil-free moisturizer made specially for oily skin.

It is good to wash your face twice a day. Don’t overdo the washing until and unless you need it. Don’t forget to tie your hair before washing your face. Also keep exfoliating your face at regular intervals with a gentle scrub.

Are you washing your face the right way?

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  1. Good tips maitri. Which scrub do you recommend for oily skin? I have found either very harsh ones or those that are very mild and dont to the job.

    • Hi Purnima…I do have an oily skin as well..and I love using Garnier 3 in 1 facial as a scrub and also the lakme clear pores cleanup scrub! They are AH-MAZING for combination to Oily skin types!! Do give a try dear 🙂

  2. Ok lemme give that a shot. I haven’t tried the Lakme trio that was launched a while back. I was on my shopping sabbatical then… Now my skin is paying the price… grrr.

  3. Informative post Maitri..all the essential points are covered perfectly..I use Lakme fruit blast strawberry face wash..I loveee it..!


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