The Story Of My 1st Brazilian Wax


It was a fine morning and I sympathetically told myself, how I have been ignoring myself. How everything else around me had become so important. The least I could do is to pamper myself with some shopping or a visit to my favourite salon. *Statutory warning* – I get these self sympathy more often than normal. However the former would have been an expensive option so I decided to do the latter. I also assured myself that I am not only saving some bucks but also will be rejuvenated at the end of it.

With hopeful eyes I dragged myself to my favourite salon to find my usual beautician not available for services. I reluctantly, but determined to achieve my goal of the day, settled for a new girl for my services. A pleasant looking, petite girl, maybe a couple of years younger to me , in her well fitted uniform approached me and escorted me to the service room. It was a small 4X8 feet room, brightly light and air conditioned to the right temperature. The room was well equipped with all the equipments laid out on trolleys for all the high end beauty treatments. The room looked like it could double up as a mini operation theatre too. It had a mirror on the rear end wall from the door and a 2 x 6 feet high raised bed with clean white disposable sheets and a wash basin at the corner of the mirror.


Since I was in a mood for indulgence I had booked an appointment for chocolate waxing of my hands and legs followed by chocolate pedicure and manicure. I think I had a sweet tooth too that day. My friendly beautician started her job and I soon realised I was in experienced hands.  She was doing an amazing job. Since she had put me to ease, I got chatty with her over the session rather than staring at the white ceiling. Also it’s a great way to divert my attention away from whatever little pain I was experiencing.  It’s been almost two decades that I have been religiously taking up this routine. They come like the PMS ever month no matter what. It’s only and only the magnificent result that has driven me till date to take up this painful procedure. The pain hasn’t reduced any bit since then but I’ve grown stronger and immune to it I guess!

The lovely smiling lady over the conversation on varied topics from how commuting in this city could be dangerous, her experience travelling to work every day, to how this wax is made, what are different types of wax and its contents. Suddenly, she asked me a question at a time that all the planetary positions must have had me in my most daring state of mind.

“M’am have you tried Brazilian Waxing anytime”? She quizzed. Was that a casual conversational question or was she challenging me? My reaction; “No, never, not even during my pre-bridal sessions!”– Strongly. Her reaction; “Really? What you saying?” Now was that surprise or sarcasm?

She continued telling me of how she specialised in it and has a large clientele who can vouch for her making it sound like a casual affair. Was she making me feel, oh so not happening? She even mentioned a teenager all of 16 getting her first Brazilian waxing a few days ago. Was she saying I am too old to be doing it for the first time? Considering I am sucker for challenges, I think it was a conspiracy!!

I finally broke my silence and said I think I need some time to think about it. She did say ‘Sure m’am please take your time, I am at your service anytime’. I interpreted it as – was she trying to tell me I can’t decide?

Then, by sudden Act of Heaven I found myself proclaiming, “Ok, I will give it a try today but ensure you don’t hurt me”. Bakra phas gaya! If it was a conspiracy and an effect of the planetary movements, I could have done bungee jumping, sky diving or practiced parkour, but Brazilian Waxing!! Why?!?!?!

The girl also tried making me comfortable by saying, “we can try a few pulls, if you are not comfortable we can discontinue immediately”. I read this as “Is that all you can take, eh?” Was I on some ego trip or what?!?!?!

We finally began our mission. Let’s call it Mission Safaya 😉 It was time I left all my inhibitions and dared to bare. Well, daring to bare was easier than daring to bear (the pain). The girl carefully wore her disposable gloves and her mask, sanitized all the equipments and she was set on her mission. I almost felt I was going under the knife. It was quite intimidating and I realised I was at her mercy. She confidently began her work like a pro and as if it was one of her daily chores.

“Ohhh…. Ohhh wait did you forget the anaesthesia”? Before I could finish thinking it aloud in my head, came the first pull. God!!! What just happened to me? Why can’t I see anything around me? Why is it so dark? And what are these twinkling around? Before I would gather myself, here came the second.  Am I not supposed to be pampering myself? Feeling all happy and delighted? I didn’t like the feeling but I got hopeful within the next few attacks I will be through. Also I thought I am sure I will get used to it. Didn’t I survive through 2 decades of this routine? It was over confidence riding on me now, I guess.

By the time the count reached 10, I needed atleast 3 pegs of neat Vodka to go any further, else I would pass out. The girl was focused on her mission and uninterruptedly did her job. I remember sparsely for a couple of minutes I was transported to a subconscious mind where I could feel the pain but I was not registering it. I was lost in my thought which I don’t remember at all. I dreaded coming back to the right state of mind and have a face-off with my present state. The girl tried conversing with me but I don’t remember any bit of what we spoke. I would have been dead and then brought to life again. I think my soul went wandering to Brazil to locate the source of this agony.

Finally after several minutes in almost some kind of time warp, I heard the girl’s pleasant voice. She declared “The wars over m’am, you have won the battle”. Or atleast that’s what I heard. She continued saying the job was very well done and that I am sure to be happy with the results. Oh wait! What results are we talking about? Mission Safaya or the sore patch I have to bear with, for I don’t know how long. I had mixed feelings, the good feeling was for my first attempt, for my dare and for Mission Safaya, but the bad feeling was the entire experience and the condition it left me in. It’s like winning a war after having lost all your soldiers. 🙁

While I was trying to gather myself she posed another question to me which not only completely brought me to my senses but also to me feet.  “M’am , so will I see you after 45 days for your next session”? Before I even answered the question to myself I decided to settle my bills and head out.

Will I dare to do it again? I don’t know! I will answer this only after 45 days. Oh my god, only 44 days to go…..!

Have you tried Brazillian Waxing ? Do  share your experience 🙂

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  1. Oh you poor dear! Can’t imagine what u must have went through 🙁

    I have naturally hairless hands and legs and so have never waxed in my life.. I used to see bad when I saw my frnds go thru it and they used to tell me am lucky in that dept.

    But what u went through must have been much more horrifying given the sensitivity of the delicate region!

    Even the touch of fabric there must be hurting ,right?

  2. Haha!! Mission safaya!!

    Btw I can’t imagine wot uv gone thu! I can never get up d guts t do it’s way too painfu for me t thik about also!

  3. I have always used Veet earlier but afterall its chemicals. Its turns the area dark. Also the hairgrowth is very thick, thats why my haalat like that when I tried waxing. lol. But no results like a Brazilian I can assure you. But the process is OMG!! You it , its all above written :beatup:

  4. This is a superbly well written post :yes: As for ur experience, I can imagine everyone cringing at every sentence, waiting with bated breath hoping all is well at the end (pun intended :-P) I feel quite sore widout having ever experienced this tortute and I don’t think I’ll ever muster the courage, not just to bear the pain but to bare it all as well. Had enough of that during labour :struggle:

  5. Such a humorous..uuuhhh painful anecdote..and u write so well..I’m floored at writing skills! I know how wonderful it feels post mission but sadly I have very low pain tolerance 🙁

  6. Thanks girls!!! Glad you all liked the post. I was a little apprehensive of sharing this as I would have sounded like a pervert. Lol.
    But i am happy it was taken in the right spirit.

  7. Like ur ordeal…am jz curious to knw dat thz particular wax is availabl nationwide or nly at selctd cntrs….cud u jot it dwn few locatd in northrn india chd ????? Delhi…whr to find it xctly…

    • Madhu, they use the regular wax that is used in any parlours. The one that’s made with sugar. Do not use the lipo wax(Favoured ones) that’s we get these days. It can be quiet a tragedy. And always do it under experienced hands.

  8. Okay, first of all, Yiks! This post is the living proof why I am totally against Waxing my area.

    Also, Vodka, yes! 😀

    And, this post is so close to me… that I am laughing and shaking my head at the same time. Got something similar experience wise at a Tattoo parlour.


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