The Ultimate Summer Skin Care – 5 Tips!


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Summer calls for a change in skin care routine and some products become our holy grail for the season. I personally have dry skin but still, my skin really doesn’t love those heavily moisturising creams and prefers light and quick-absorbing serums. I have my own skin care routine and touch wood, it is working fine for me! So I thought to share it with my virtual family and here I am with 5 skin care products. I won’t mention the brands as you can choose them according to your skin type and your preference but make sure to include these in your routine. Interested? read on!

5 Skin Care of Summer:

  • Water-based Serums

Heavy moisturisers tend to clog pores in summer giving us a greasy look which we all hate. And if you have oily and acne-prone skin, you need this. Introducing water-based serums which are our BFFs for summer. They deeply nourish the skin and leave skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

  • Sunscreen

sunscreen for body acne

Other than the traditional cleansing, toning and moisturising, applying a sunscreen is equally important, if not more! Sunscreens should be applied 20 minutes before stepping out and reapplied every 3 hours.

  • Facial 

Facials have their own beauty benefit but make sure to indulge in some facials this season according to your skin type. A professional facialist can evaluate your skin suggesting some good facials for your own concerns.

  • Water

Drinking 8 glasses of water daily to supplement for the loss hydration. Avoid beverages like tea, coffee, cold drinks and make sure to include loads of coconut water, fruit juices in your diet.

  • Diet

Diet is something which, if not right, will reflect on your overall appearance. As we say beauty comes from within so eat the food that is all rich in nutrients. Include food items like honey, yoghurt, aloe vera, tomato, cucumber and tulsi in your daily food habits.

That’s all folks!

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