The World’s Worst Plastic Surgery Cases


  With over 43,000 people having plastic surgery in 2011[i], it’s no wonder that some of those procedures go a little bit wrong! More and more of us are opting to go under the knife each year in order to become more aesthetically pleasing, and many of these surgeries go unnoticed- these are the good ones as you cannot tell when someone has had work done. It is when you are able to notice that someone has had some plastic surgery that you know something has not exactly gone to plan.

   There are many people in the world who are disfigured because of the plastic surgery they have opted to have due to medical negligence and I’m sure the majority of these wished that they had never gone to see their plastic surgeon in the first place.

Wrong Procedure

   When Rolanda Dickerson went to her local medical centre for a tummy tuck she left with something very different. Her surgeon had given her a gastric bypass, not only was this a completely different procedure than the one she had asked for, but the surgeon failed to notice that she had already had a gastric bypass 3 years earlier, leading to some very significant complications. Dickerson has suffered from constant severe pain ever since, and what’s more, she can no longer eat food or drink liquids; she had to have a gastrostomy tube fitted which goes through the wall of her abdomen and directly into her stomach. She has to carry a bag of liquid food on her back wherever she goes

Bowel Perforation During Liposuction

   Denise Hendry is most well known for being married to ex Manchester City and Blackburn footballer Colin Hendry, but she most recently become known for something a little more sinister. During Hendry’s liposuction, the surgeon managed to perforate her bowel 9 times, ultimately making her extremely ill and earning her a place in the ICU. She has since filed a lawsuit against the Dr who performed the procedure, and won what is thought to be the largest sum ever given to a cosmetic surgery case in this country. The surgeon in question has since taken himself off the medical register

‘Dr Prodded my Wound With a Fork’

     In 2011 Jennifer Swalberg went to a cosmetic surgeon for a tummy tuck and liposuction, but left the surgery ‘disfigured and in pain.’ She claims that her surgeon failed to give her proper post-operative advice, and when she returned to see him weeks later because blood and pus was leaking from the wound he merely forced some gauze into it with his fingers, and ignored the fact that the wound was infected. Swalberg went to see her doctor again after several cancelled appointments and found him ‘splayed out across the floor, his eyes open and glazed.’ The surgeon attempted to give her steroid injections but Swalberg refused.

   Swalberg went back to her surgeon a few months later when the problems still had not resolved themselves. The surgeon proceeded to administer a local anaesthetic, open the infection site (by which point the anaesthetic had worn off) and prod the wound with a pickle fork. Yes,  pickle fork.

   3 months later police were called to the surgeon in question’s house, where they found his kidnapped girlfriend, gagged and bound in the closet. So essentially, this man was a drug addict and a kidnapper, who was actually given a licence to operate on people. It’s enough to put you off once and for all….

Tragic Death of 18 Year Old Following Liposuction

   Amy Fledderman, a college student of just 18, opted to have liposuction on her chin, abdomen and flanks in 2001. During the surgery, one of the major vessels in her neck was damaged, she was then given medication that she was allergic too, leading to a severe allergic reaction. Even though Fledderman’s condition became to deteriorate rapidly, an ambulance was not called until she was moments from death, and by this point she was blue and her oxygen levels were at just 60%, when they should be above 98%. Fledderman later died, after 2 horrible days of being in agony and vomiting blood. Her family were awarded $20.5 million in compensation, although I’m sure they think of this as not even coming close to the price they have had to pay[v].

‘She Was Ignored, and She Died’

   Ms Lopez had a dream that is shared by millions of women; she wanted her body to look like it did before she had her 4 children, and she chose to have surgery to achieve that dream, but unfortunately for her it was to turn into a nightmare. Just one hour after her tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast lift and augmentation she was sent home, even though she was having difficulty breathing. In the next few hours she started to feel dizzy, had difficulty moving and had developed a fever. Her sister called out a nurse the next day when her symptoms failed to improve, but unfortunately no one followed up to the visit and Ms Lopez was found unresponsive in her bed that evening

   This article is not here to put you off surgery, it is merely trying to get you to think about it and make sure it is truly what you want, because a very small fraction of people to leave the surgery in a bad way- a  very large price to pay for trying to outdo perfection. Surgery is not the answer to all your problems, and you can actually cheat your way to looking like you have had surgery by using make up! If you want a slimmer nose just highlight all the way down the centre of it from just below your eyebrow to the bottom of it, then use an eye shadow brush to put a matte bronzer down both sides of your nose; this will instantly make it look slimmer. If you would like higher cheek bones you can achieve this by putting highlighter on the apples of your cheeks, then sweep a bronzer right under your cheek bone. If you want a slimmer face you can use bronzer along the sides of your face at your hairline and next to your eyebrows. Create the look of a chiselled jaw by sweeping a bronzer underneath and on your jaw line. Want bigger boobs? Sweep bronzer in a semicircle over each breast then sweep a highlighter down your cleavage and over the rest of your breast. Remember, highlighter is used to accentuate features, whilst anything that is darker creates depth, which is why it can slim down your face and give you Kate Moss cheek bones at the same time. So before you decide on the knife give these tricks a go, you might be surprised!