The Worst Sleeping Mistakes Bad For Your Hair And Skin


The Worst Sleeping Mistakes Bad For Your Hair And Skin

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It is a known fact that your skin repairs & replenishes itself during the night time. However we do not realize that many of our habits do more harm than good. At times, we even tend to avoid taking proper care of our hair. So, today, we take a look at some of the night-time mistakes which are actually bad for your skin & hair. Keep on reading!

Going To Bed With Makeup On:

I am sure you all must have read about this like a thousand times, but I really cannot emphasize this point enough. Not removing your makeup before going to sleep is one of the major mistakes a woman tends to make. In fact, it is also one of the reasons for premature ageing. And, it clogs your pores too. Thus, it is important to remove all your makeup with a quality makeup remover every night before calling it a night.


Not Cleansing Properly:

In addition to removing your makeup, cleansing the face properly is equally important. Look for a mild cleanser that effectively removes all the dirt & impurities from your face. Also, avoid using too much hot water & instead wash your face with warm water.


Not Changing Pillowcases Often:

We may not realize this, but your pillowcase is actually a breeding ground for bacteria. Sheets and pillowcases are prone to accumulating oil, dirt and bacteria over time, which in turn clogs pores. This is one of the reasons why you might be waking up to new breakouts in the morning. It becomes even more important if you have acne-prone skin. You should change your pillowcase at least once a week to keep the bacteria away.


Sleeping On A Cotton Pillowcase:

It is always recommended to switch to satin or silk pillowcases. Cotton causes premature wrinkles & it is also rough on the hair cuticle. Whereas, satin or silk fabrics minimize permanent creases and compression marks on the face. They also retain moisture which helps your moisturizer to seep into your skin & not accumulate on the pillow. In addition, it prevents hair breakage as well.


Check Your Sleeping Position:

Sleeping on your stomach or sides can cause compression wrinkles & fine lines. It can also cause loose & saggy skin. This happens because when you sleep on your face, your skin folds & creates a crease and a breakdown of collagen. This is why sleeping on your back is the best way for a healthy skin.

Letting The Hair Loose Open:

Leaving your hair loose while sleeping can transfer oil to your pillowcase and onto your skin, thereby clogging pores. It is therefore important to tie your hair loosely before dozing off with a rubber band.


Using The Wrong Products:

You should follow a simple yet effective night-time beauty routine. Pick a hydrating night cream which nourishes your skin. Also, you should apply a quality under-eye cream to take good care of the delicate area.


Not Getting Enough ZZZs:

Many of us are guilty of this one! Taking a good 8 hour sleep is important for your skin & overall well being too. Otherwise, your skin would look dull & also cause under-eye circles.


Checking Your Phone:

Talking on your phone for long hours before going to bed or checking your phone constantly also harms your skin. The phone screen contains germs and bacteria that can transfer to your face & cause breakouts.


Taking Care Of Your Hands:

We usually tend to forget our hands which are busy throughout the day. Apply a good hand & cuticle cream before going to bed which effectively moisturizes & makes the skin smooth.


Are you making these mistakes in your night-time routine?

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