Things One Should Not Say To A Fashionista


Things One Should Not Say To A Fashionista

We are proud fashion lovers and whoever is clueless about it is not really welcome in or world. We know our high street from high end. Also we love street shopping as much as we love to have all the attention to ourselves while taking our time in a luxury store. Mind you Forever 21 and Forever New are two different brands. We would love to dole out some help if you need tips on how to dress up right but your not so expert comments totally turn us off. The next time you are with a fashion obsessed girl, make sure to not say these sinful sentences or be ready to hear the answers that will go something like this-

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Isn’t it too cold to wear this dress?


Really? Actually its you who needs to chill. You think that I bought this outfit to hide under those layers? I am going to look hot and that wold be enough for me. My pretty dress is totally worth feeling a little cold.

Why are you always so dressed up?

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Is overdressing a real thing? I love my jammies and jeans but nothing comes close to wearing my favorite well tailored skirts and trousers. How many times have you seen Sonam Kapoor dressing casually?

Did this really cost that much?

Things One Should Not Say To A Fashionista quotes

Ya it did and I am so glad that I got it. I know its great to shop during sales but I can’t wait till then to lay my hands on that awesome stuff. And yes we don’t get all the best pieces on sale. I spend money on clothes as they make me happy.

Are you sure that you can walk in these?

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Oh well, in my world- higher the heels, closer you are to the sky. Stilettos make me look and feel sexy. I would rather bear some pain than hopping around in sneakers.

Don’t you have too many clothes?

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Never ask a fashionista this question and its a warning! I need more clothes and more space to store them well. I love mix-match but even for that I need pieces that go with each other.

Why did you pack so much for just a  2 day trip?

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Let me remind you that I am going to need all this. Clothes, matching accessories, shoes, makeup and bags. More clothes & accessories in case I change my mind and decide to wear something else.

Are you sure about what you are wearing?

Things you should not say To A Fashionista

I am sure as hell about whatever I wear. I know what goes with what and I love following new trends but making them my own is more like me. So I don’t care if you find it out of the box or ultra bright.

Makeup is overrated!


So is global warming! OK, really I am totally comfortable with my bare face but I like to give my skin that extra love. I love to decorate my precious body with amazing clothes and I don’t want my face to feel left out. It has every right to look dressed up too.

What else do you think should not be said To A Fashionista?

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