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Holla ladies!

Are you from Delhi? If yes, then you must have heard about Delhi Haat. If not, then listen, I am telling you about an interesting place called Delhi Haat which is actually a handicrafts market that takes place right beside INA Metro Station, New Delhi. Now to all our beautiful International readers, “Haat” is a Hindi/Bengali word that means market. In Delhi, India we have a number of markets like Lajpat Nagar, Sarojini Nagar but this one is a little different as people from all over the place come here, set up stalls to sell their handmade products. You get anything and everything in this market ranging from jewellery to clothes to home decorative items. And this is my 2nd time at this market. Dig in to know what all I saw and have interesting things to show!

Right at the entry, I saw some huge portraits of Hindu Gods that looked so royal. As we proceeded, we came across many small and big stalls selling different types of fancy jewellery items. We saw really cool “churis” or bangles both for kids and us. And saw some statement neckpieces and anklets too. And believe me! The pricing was so damn affordable.

And then comes the most requested portion, Pom Pom Earrings. I buy them from Delhi Haat and you can come too.

Then I stopped by some Madhubani paintings and yeah, some more jewellery. This place is so full of jewellery that all you non-Delhites who want to come to Delhi and do some artificial jewellery shopping, can definitely stop by here! And the pricing is really pocket-friendly, it’s from 300-500 INR.

And then enters the lamps. Handmade lamps at 1500INR? No, I am not kidding.

Then comes the Bronze metal statues that are all so beautiful that you will fail to choose one! And the price is really decent around 1500 INR.

Even I found that famous “Neem Comb” at Delhi Haat at a much affordable rate than online. It was around 100-150 and I even use it. It works! We even made a post on Why we should use a wooden comb. Check it out!

We even met some wonderful people there and listening to their words and seeing their work gave me so much motivation to work better day by day. We met Soni from Welfare of Child Development who was selling products made from waste materials. She was so sweet and yes, I saw some awesome stuff! I saw some pen made from paper and more. You can just see my V-log to find out more!

Next, I found some beautiful Phulkari Dupattas which were totally droolworthy! I wanted to buy all but ended up buying a multicolour half -jacket, which is quite multipurpose according to me. You can team it up with a white suit or a black suit and can look fab.

And then girls, I found some super-duper bags. I bought two bags for me which cost me just 1000 bucks! Really? Yeahh!

Then we headed towards the food corner as no travel is complete without some yummy “pet puja”.

Finally, I spotted some real temptation – lights and beauty. Even, I spotted some beautiful show pieces that were too cute – kitty, flowers and what’s not!

One small piece of advice after this whole lot of shopping post – Please fix your budget before coming to Delhi Haat as everything is so tempting here, you will feel like buying the whole place which obviously, you can’t. So keep the appropriate amount of money only in your pocket!

Check the whole video here for the complete experience!


You can also see my previous Delhi haat Vlog for a greater experience!



  1. The best thing about your blog is u cover a huge section..from sophisticated upmarket stuffs to basic common man’s needs…you have some thing for everyone…


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