Things To Learn From Celebrities -Beauty & Fashion Blunders


Celebrities are really stylish but sometimes they make “HORRIBLE” mistake. Why I said horrible? You’ll get to know soon. 😀 What were they actually thinking? Have they fired their stylist? Don’t they have a mirror at house? All these questions are still in mind. Read the post to understand what I’m trying to tell. 😉

UNWAXED: A hairy armpit, hands or legs looks really unappealing and that’s why it’s first on my list. Beyonce and Julia Roberts were spotted once with unwaxed armpits, I know you are shocked even I was. Even Eva Mendes was seen with Hairy arms. I mean how can they forget to wax?? Always wax yourself before you choose wearing a revealing outfit so as to avoid being in the limelight for wrong reasons. Hairy arms, armpits and legs are not attractive AT ALL!

celebrity mistakes+unwaxed

UNDONE EYEBROWS: Pointed well-defined eyebrows are a symbol of beauty and boost your facial features. So ensure to tweeze or pluck your eyebrows frequently. Don’t go out with undone eyebrows like Kajol as it looks really unattractive.

celebrity mistakes+undone eyebrow

DRESS YOUR AGE: I am a firm supporter of ‘age is just a number’. Nothing must stop a woman in her fifties to carry off a pink bikini but only if she is confident. As dressing too young than your age can actually make you look older. I am not saying that you should start dressing up like your mother but update your style according to your age to emphasize, and also to show off, your maturity. Poonam Dhillon looks weird here whereas Shabana looks elegant, what you think?

celebrity mistakes+dress+your+age

ODD BODY SHAPE: Displaying a lot of skin through unattractive clothes in spite of odd body shapes is really not cool. So better avoid doing such mistakes and join the gym so you can carry off such outfits well. 😀

VISIBLE PANTY LINE: This looks really weird and many actress do such mistakes I have also seen GIRLS wearing trousers that show off their panty line and it is such a big faux pas. Don’t go over the top to draw attention but certain people still go overboard and make such fashion mistakes. What a shame! While sporting a short outfit think twice. Cover your panty lines with exact sized dress. :-(ook gorgeous not vulgar. So, next time before stepping out of time make sure your panty line is not visible. 😀

celebrity mistakes+pantyline

WITHOUT UNDERGARMENTS: I think celebrities have sent their brains on a vacation that it why they’re seen without bra and panty. Dressing fun and unusual is alright but there are some norms that need to followed, right??  I want to ask the actresses that have you ever heard of Innerwear, undergarments or lingerie?? Or it’s because you want “fame”??

celebrity mistakes+no undergarments

Fashion, if done carefully can make you a celebrity but stupid fashion blunders can easily ruin your personality.

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  1. I’ve seen d underarm hair blunder sooo many times n it never fails t disgust me….how can someone not shave their pits before Wearin sleeveless is a mystery t me..

    • Blind to hona hi padega….some of these things r so basic ke we also pay attention b4 we walkout d door…ye to celebs hain…


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