Things To Take Care Of During A Long Flight


Things To Take Care Of During A Long Flight

Vacations are always exciting as they bring about a beautiful change in the daily routine life and the very thought of, just chilling without any work or usual chores, brings ecstasy to a lot of us! 😉 Well, we do prepare ourselves for the upcoming holidays like what to wear, what to eat, how to take care of ourselves so that we can remain healthy & fit to be able to enjoy ourselves during the holidays!


So the excitement of going on a vacation is as pleasing as anything and we often keep imagining every possible situation which can cause an obstacle in the enjoyment and try to be prepared for it in advance!  Also read   Travel Beauty Bag Of Our Celebrities Beauty Experts

skincare on flights

Also the travel is sometimes a lot more tiring than expected and if you are going international or flying for a long duration changing flights to reach your destination, it is quite possible that you might end up reaching so fatigued that the excitement of the holiday might just turn out to be a fuzz! I mean when you travel international you get jet lagged and need to rest properly so as to let the body adjust itself as per the different time zones!

Since it is summer holidays and everyone is planning to go to some place for a vacation, I thought I would put up this post about what things we need to take care of during a long flight!

Taking Care Of Your Skin

skincare on long flight

Airplane travel makes the skin feel so much dry due to the temperature controlled surrounding and added to that the air pressure you feel while you are miles up in the air! It tends to absorb the moisture from the skin more rapidly than while you are on land!

So after you board and are done with your dinner, you can simply squeeze out a makeup remover wipe and cleanse your face!


L’Oreal Paris Ideal Skin Make Up Removing Towelettes

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You can also use a micellar water ( Bioderma Sensibio H2O)  to cleanse your skin thoroughly because any makeup residue might cause you a a sudden breakout when leave the aircraft at your destination!

Then use and overnight mask/ sleeping gel or the quick to use sheet masks to keep your skin supple in the long flight!

Sephora Rose Sleeping Mask

Best Sheet Masks For An Instant Glowing Face

So what you can do is that while you are in between flights, you can start prepping up the skin with some overnight masks or simply sheet masks to keep your skin nourished throughout the long haul! Also make sure to apply some hand cream before sleeping!

Taking care of Your Hair

You can simply go for a good hair wash & deep conditioning treatment so as to keep your hair smooth while the long flight might not do much damage to your hair but you can simply braid to save it from getting all messed & frizzy due to constant friction through the seat!

double braids

Use a Lip Balm

lotus strawberry lip balm

Make sure to use a lip balm as well for your lips which can get dry more quickly!

Lotus Herbals Lip Balm

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Keep Hydrated

hydrate well

Always make sure to drink enough water during the flight as that will help you in keeping the skin & body hydrated! Don’t worry if you have to use the lavatory a lot of times! 🙂

Taking Care of Personal Hygiene

Talking about it, during long flights or layovers for a destination, it happens that you need to use the restrooms quite often and whether you have noticed or not but people from everywhere visit the airports and these days there are so many contamination/ infections happening all around! Carry a toilet seat sanitizer like Pee Safe because common infections like UTI, Gastroenteritis, herpes are some of the dreadful diseases you can get by using the public restrooms which may look clean but are not completely germ-free!

PEESAFE Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

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Well, I hope you find these tips helpful for the long haul flights in your upcoming days! Do share your go-to tip for skincare to survive the long duration flights! i would love to know about it!


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