Thinking of Home Decor?


Visiting a friend who has a perfect living room or bed room that makes you think of restyling your own house?Who doesn’t want a perfect home in which you wish to call every one rather then avoiding them. Your house represents your personality, your taste and your status.In India you can revamp your house in two ways- either by hiring an interior decorator or by doing it your self.Former is not something which every one can afford .Taking husband’s permission and when your husband is not amongst those who are keen on styling then you are back to square one.In this case the best thing is to slowly add and experiment with your house.

Now days when flat system has become prevalent, making your flat look different from others is quite an achievement.Below are some tips which can make your house look different, stylish and impressive to others.

1.Lightening plays a vital role in enhancing your living room and bed room beauty. Kids room should always have good lightening system as modern day kids spend most of the time either watching TV, browsing net, studying or playing video games.So it’s better if their room is full of lights and colors.
As far as your living room is concerned it is a core space of your house.You can make your living room look interesting and dramatic by different types of lighting schemes. Tube lights should be avoided and hanging decorative is a better idea.
The main source of light should be at the main sitting place.You can also have more lightening over plants, paintings, show pieces and other decorative items.

2.Place you are living should be kept in mind. If you are living in a small town place then having a village or cultural theme is not a bright idea. If you are living in a metro city in a posh colony then village theme using old classic furniture and paintings is a good idea. For example, putting an old lantern on the front gate of your living room. It will immediately get noticed by any one who enters into it.

3.If you are planning to paint your house then three things should be kept in mind – the wall color, your curtain color and the lightening. How much of natural light reaches your room is also important. If your room is dark then light color should be used and vice versa. If colors of walls ,curtains and floors are chosen together then result will turn out quite remarkable.

4.Keep taking new ideas from current magazines, internet and of course friends’ homes.

5.While deciding on the furniture, the pricing, the space utilization and trend should be kept in mind.As you’ve bought it, it can not be changed as easily as your wall color.

6.If you have pets at home then be sure to design your house accordingly.

7.Your life style matters a lot.If you are an avid reader then having a book almira in your living room is a nice idea.

8 Last but not the least.Your house becomes a home when all living beings are happy so discuss and try to get everyone’s ideas.

More next time till then happy home making.


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