This Week On WiseShe Group & Mini Giveaway- Volume 1


There has been so many things happening on Wise She that we certainly need to start with weekly  round up so that all those who miss out on any of the post can easily relax and not worry about it .So here we go 🙂


Baby Blog Hopscotch Mother’s day giveaway:-


Hopscotch is giving two lucky winners INR 1000  coupon.Giveaway rules are pretty simple .You can check it out on our baby blog here 


hopscotch creative



2) Wearing a short as an over wear has topped the charts of fashion trends in terms of casual wear since few months and Dr Sahiba shows is how she like to wear this fashion on our fashion blog here

We also loved the new Global desi Palazzo pants trend..Looking forward to it .:)



styling shirts overwear how to





My birthday trip to Jai Mahal Palace

Delhi is surrounded with beautiful places as per your liking.If you like mountains there is Dehradun orMussorie .If you like adventure there is Hrishikesh and then there is dessert in Rajasthan which is around 400 km away.Read full post here





Loved loved Avanti’s post Wildernest Goa.

Wildernest is a 450acre property of forest land owned by a Merchant Navy Caption. It’s a lush green mass of land. With about 4-5 mountains and a waterfall.  (Owning a few mountains and waterfall, how cool is that). This property is located three states, Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. This property was an old farm land that was used to cultivate Ragi by the local villagers from the nearest village Virdi. Caption bought this farm land from these villagers and conserved it to become a forest once again over last 30 years. This resort is running in its 10 year now. It’s a zero pollution zone and no plastic zone.Read full post here






Weight Loss:-

We first time published our clients testimonials and its been a great weightloss team work  🙂

Hi, Down with lumbar spinal stenosis and slip disc issues, I was on a weight gain train. Medications, bed rest and poor eating habits just made it all worse. I have always been an ardent reader of IWB and with the weight loss plan, I thought I must give it a try. I have done everything and in many ways to lose weight but nothing succeeds…I got in touch with Tarun got my doubts cleared and started with the program.
I have lost 1 kgs in 1 and few inches in a week. I feel light and healthy already. Today one of my colleague complimented saying my waist looks better Razz . I haven’t deviated from the plan once and I feel it’s filling. There are options to eat and till now there has been no complain. I do feel hungry at a certain time but Tarun is trying her best to help me in that Razz ..Thanks.

Read full post here





Makeup and beauty:-

Last but not the least .We started with Inglot cosmetics swatch marathon where we have till now covered around 100 lipstick shades and there are many many more to come :).Check out the post here and here


Inglot lipstick swatches and shade




Till we meet next 🙂






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