This Week On Wiseshe Group: Volume 11


This Week On Wiseshe Group: Vloume 11

Hello Wiseshe readers,

So, here another week comes to an end with beautiful memories to cherish. Good days pass pretty quickly. So, I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and celebrated Independence Day with full patriotism.

Lets look over quickly at the recent happenings of the Wiseshe Group one by one!

Baby Blog-

Payal’s beautiful post on how to plan the perfect nursery for new born babies is surely of many help for new parents who are basically flooded with ideas & suggestions to set up nursery but surely are confused about what to do!



Neha hit it right this time by coming up with a knowledgeable post on how to introduce rhymes to your babies.



Fashion Blog-

6 Hollywood Inspired Outfits of Bollywood Divas

I loved this post which showcased some of the beautiful designer dresses adorned by our Bollywood beauties which have been inspired by the known faces of the West already! It seems some celebrities rocked with the copied dresses while some flatly goofed up!!



7 Reasons Why Long Hair Is Fashionable

Long hair has always been my favorite but after having  recent hairstyle makeover comes this post about the Long hair trend! But it is another thing that I don’t regret it as I am going to keep them growing for another while!


Food & Travel Blog-

Choosing The Right Travel Buddy

Travelling to new & exciting places is really great but have you ever thought of the group of people who accompany you on any trip! Yes they are great deciding factors which make your visit pleasant or tiresome. Read about these travel buddies!



Indian Weight Loss Blog-

How To Choose Right Workout Clothes For Your Body Type?

Here are some tips  to choose the correct workout clothes for your body type so as to make yourself look trendy as well as enthusiastic while on the weightloss & fitness journey!


How I Lost 30 Pounds Without Dieting And Kept It Off

Read the inspiring weight loss story of Varalika who managed to loose weight without going on any crash dieting or very hard & fast workout regime! She did it all with being comfortable in her body & lot of patience!



Beauty & Makeup-


This intense blood red lip stain surely  was loved this week on Wiseshe! A women can never go wrong with a red pout and this lip stain speaks boldness & hotness!!



What To Buy When Going To Europe

Ayushi’s massive makeup haul is definitely worth a look & top featured this week! Europe is a makeup heaven undoubtedly & this lovely haul post further adds to the adventures of shopping! Enjoy folks!



Well, this week was another blissful time spend with lovely readers! Promise to be back really soon!

Happy Days!



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