This Week On Wiseshe Group- Volume 6


Hello beauties!

How are you all? Time seems to flow by like anything with blogging. I am sure you will agree to this. Well, Let me quickly give you all an account of what all happened through the week on the Wiseshe Group.

Baby Blog-

Starting with a healthy dessert option for kids, we have the fruit of the season i.e. Mango combined with coconut milk & banana for this dessert!


Baby Blog keeps coming with many of the child oriented discussions which real life mothers have experienced. These are really great topics to be discussed which will eventually help new mothers in understanding the basics of nurturing a child from knowing other’s experiences!


Issues which are sensitive  issues as every one has their own set of opinion and experiences find place on the baby blog. These topics extract the real and honest feelings of the readers!


Fashion Blog-

The fashion blog witnessed some cool ways to style western & ethnic outfits taking inspirations from the celebrities of Bollywood.

Along with that a maxi skirt OOTD to make your styling even more practical and let you decide how to match your accessories well with your outfit!

Styling Red Maxi Skirt


There are also psychological thoughts related with our dressing style and it definitely affects our mood! All these color code patterns affecting the mood get analyzed in the following post on Fashion Blog.

Colours To Create Your Mood


Then there were several tips to style your wardrobe for the advancing monsoons and prepare you up to effortless styling even in the rainy season!

5 Ways To Look Stylish This Monsoon


Food & Travel Blog-

This space is for the travel lovers and enthusiasts who find peace of mind in travelling & gaining new and exciting experiences.

A compilation of must have travel experience s to have in the 20’s age group is surely a must read!

Must Have Travel Experiences In 20′s



A post on the travel trip made during heavy monsoons to a historical monument with a glimpse of India’s rich culture and intangible heritage!

Places To See In Lucknow- Bada Imambara



Indian Weight Loss Blog-

Weight loss blog brings forth the very simple and day to day challenges a person is prone to face while on the path of losing weight or remaining fit!



The next best news from the Indian Weight Loss Team is out guys!


Beauty & Makeup-

This is the most engaging platform of the Wiseshe Group as beauty & makeup is an utmost important thing in a woman’s life after successfully managing so many responsibilities. So do checkout these posts with your favorite cup of coffee!

A sensuous eye makeup look by Himani stole the limelight away and left us drooling for more of her makeup looks in coming days!



A quick  and easy way to get Ombre Lips explained step by step very well! You may never have found such unique tutorials and am glad it is happening here on Wiseshe.



A great pink nude shade of lipstick from a High end brand like Urban Decay was a hit among the readers!



Now moving on to some basic techniques about makeup, we had a superb post on the blush application guide for every face shape.

blush-guideWell, this was all a small glimpse of what all happened on the group. I must not for get to mention about the unique show Beauty & The Blogger which also got featured here on Wiseshe as it is a great web reality show to entertain the blogging beauties with some fun and styling inspirations! Do watch it!

So, let me sign off for this week beauties and I promise to be back next week with some more exciting stuff for you all! Till Then…See ya!



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  1. What a synoptical post of Wise She Blogosphere. Ana you are looking red hot. That black bag is so beautiful. I’ll also get a one for me now :-*


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