This Week On Wiseshe Group: Volume 7


Hello everyone!

Its time for yet another  weekly round up post this weekend and I am here again to give a brief overview of all that is happening over all the blogs of Wiseshe Group.

The thing with blogging is that you don’t feel bored of your work as there is always something exciting coming around the corner! Lets get started then with the Baby blog first.

Baby Blog-

A beautiful post on Wiseshe Baby Blog on how to cope up with the period of pregnancy if you have a long distance relationship with your partner! It focuses on the things to keep in mind when you have to deal with pregnancy changes all alone!


A unique musical learning toy for your toddlers where fun musical & alphabet & rhyme learning go hand  in hand without much pressure.



Out writer & beautiful mother to a boy, has come up with unique indoor games which the kids would love to play and have fun without going out. I accounts for much importance during the monsoon break!

Fashion Blog-

Fashion News Update: IIJF Kick Starts With Stars

Ayushi brings forth the latest buzz and event tales of the India International Jewellery Week in 2014.From ethinc to semi formal every kind of jewellery design is showcased at IIJW every year! For you daily dose of the latest happenings hook on to the Wiseshe Fashion Blog.



OOTD: How To Style A Printed Jumpsuit

We had an outfit post on Fashion Blog by beautiful Khushi who showed us how to keep minimal accessories and still look ravishing in a printed jumpsuit outfit! The beach travel was very apt to the choice of outfit!



OOTD: How To Style A Hemline Dress

Another outfit post which ruled the hearts in the debut one done by Ritika and she wore a a dress with a high low hemline. We simply loved the monotonous look of her outfit style and wish to see more of her outfit posts on the Fashion Blog in the coming weeks.



Food & Travel Blog-

Famous Monuments In Lucknow- Asafi Mosque & Shahi Baoli

The week witnessed an extensive detailed travel post on the most interesting places one could visit in the City of Nawaabs. This monsoon travel trip covered the most visited historical places in Lucknow.




Delicacies To Try In City Of Nawaabs-

A brief account of the famous dishes of the Awadhi cuisine and other indispensable food preparations which are famous in Lucknow and one should make sure to try them.



Beautiful Cities For A Romantic Getaway-

A post on the not so famous but beautiful places which are great places for spending a romantic holiday with your loved one! These places are more secluded for those splendid moments with your partner!




 Indian Weight Loss Blog-

Read about the fun facts of the Indian Weight loss Team and know about them more closely to understand what keeps them motivating to remain fit & healthy!




These are some easy and effective diet tips for weight loss which every fitness freak needs to follow wisely so as to get the desired body shape!



Beauty & Makeup-

An amazing review of the Estee Lauder Portfolio makeup palette surely earned many applauds and was an interesting find for makeup lovers.




Princa’s post on a unique DIY preparation from spices was enough to tell that the miraculous effects of DIYs cannot be underestimated at all!


Another exciting news is that our very own Rashmi is soon going to review 50 MAC lip glosses and here is a sneak peak from the stash of lip glosses! So stay tuned lovelies for more action and keep loving Wiseshe!

mac lipgloss 001

mac lipgloss wiseshe

Until then! Take care!



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  1. aaiiillllllllllaaaaaaaaa… rashmi!!! 50!!! even if we consider each costs INR 1000…..its all going to be worth 50000..

    my hubby gives me a killing look if i say i will buy just 2 or 3…
    and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O.

  2. i loved the fun facts about all of u :-*
    and Rashmi di %) lip glosses 😮 😮 😮 😮 kya karoge inne sare lippies ka>> let”s share 😛

    • Mujhe b share chaiye Rash! U hv too many lip colours 😛
      I hv a dress similar to that of Ritika’s so the tips were more useful. Way to go Ana!


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