This Year Hair Color Ideas


This Year Hair Color Ideas

Hair color ideas have been trending since a while now and now each year the fashion tends to change drastically and more an more women are experimenting with their hair to give an easy and quick hair makeover as the New Year’s resolution or gift to self! 🙂

Over years, the trends keep changing and some keep coming back from the decades while some are just a result of wild experimentation and the stylist ideas or vision about the next big fad hair color!

So, here we have some of the most recent and amazing hair color ideas for everyone to try out this week!

Brown & Blonde-

bronde hair color

Blake lively surprised everyone with being cool about her new hair color on Instagram and we couldn’t help picking it up as surely one of the hottest hair color inspiration for the year! She totally rocked her brown blonde hair and made sure that it becomes an instant hit with more leading ladies getting the color done!

Yellow Blonde-

Particularly for blondes this comes as a nice change and also doesn’t drastically challenges the look! It looks rich and unique and you might be setting off an entirely new fashion trend with the hair color once you are coll about the new hair color!

Honey Blonde-

Another safe side shift for the most blondes is to get the hair in honey blonde! It appears more appealing than the usual hair color and you can easily carry off the new improved hair color!

Soft Red Hair Color-

Time to go a little overboard with red and have a hint of red on the hair length and for that there are some soft red hair color ideas you can choose to draw inspiration from and get it done! 🙂

Golden blonde

Another hot hair color idea is the golden blonde hair color and one can enhance the blonde hair color with a hint of golden to make the look more appealing!

Medium Chocolate Brown Hair

One of my favorite hair color and also me recent hair color is the medium chocolate hair color! You ca get it as highlights or over the ends or simply only the crown area to change your hair story and make you look different and attractive! 🙂

Brown Red Hair

If you are a brunette and too afraid to experiment much with your hair then a safe bet would be to color the hair with a hint of red along with brown so as to get the desired hair makeover without being afraid of how the changed hair color is going to look on you!

These were some of the most desirable hair color ideas one can get this year! I have not included those funky or rainbow hair color trends because not everyone can go that bold and experiment with the hair color unless they are celebrities seeking attention! :-p

Which of these hair color ideas do you like?

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