Three easy curly hair styles for short hair


Its not the hair type but the hair style of a person which wins attention. Many of us love our curly hair because they are easy to maintain .Curly hair styles for woman are in vogue among woman who have graceful and natural curls.

Curly short hairs look good but before choosing the hair style one should make sure that they suit their face and personality. If the curly hair style looks good on your favourite actress that doesn’t mean it will look good on you too. Its not easy also too get the right hair style all the time. We all still remember Preity zinta beautiful hair style in movie Dil Chahta hai but want to forget her hairstyle in Lakshya. Not all hair styles suits every one face so before you choose a nice cut  for yourself do discuss with your hair stylist about  the most appropriate one for yourself.

Below are some short hairstyles for women which they can experiment with:-


Bob cut is the most popular short curly hair hairstyle. It has simple cuts and layers and are ideal for women who do not have time to maintain or brush their hair every now and then.


Those who have wide brows can try fringes. The style has strands of hair falling art fully across the face. One can use roller also to keep the curls for a long time. Those who have natural curls do not need any kind of rollers or hair styling products to maintain their hair.
Very Short Style

Those who want to keep the length of their hair as short as possible can opt for very short curly hair style. One can try layering them also.

Simple tips in maintain the curls:-
1.      Continuous washing of curly hair results in lot of breakage of hair. This happens because continuous washing break the sulphite bonds.
2.      Use mild shampoo and apply conditioner after washing them
3.      Use wide- toothed comb and avoid using hair dryers every day.

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  1. Happy Sunday Ruth..

    if you have long curly hair then go fir fringes and layer them up ..they look great
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  2. yep yep.. thats what i did..:)) and trust me i'm loving it… gosh i love big curls !!

    Thanks my Sunday is great, hope yours as well!!
    My recent post prayer for the children

  3. I till recently had a great short curly do.The idea is to maintain the curls and keep them bouncy.And yeah straight bangs add a lot of depth to any curly do short or long.


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