Three easy vintage hairstyles tutorials

By Gunjan,
 If you have seen Once upon a time or recent bollywood movies you will know that retro trend is back. There were many hairstyles which became characteristics of the 1930s.Most of them were close to the head and very quite feminine unlike before  where women were not interested in looking too different from man.
I was searching for some of the trendy 1930s hairstyles and found some interesting hairstyles which you might be interested in checking them out.They were the talk of the town during that time and try them once in a while is lot of fun.
Brush Curling
Brush curling  is back in fashion again.It suits those who have thin hair because it gives the hair soft and voluminous look.You can check out the video below to see how it is done.

Pin Curling

 This too is an interesting hair do which was quiet popular in 1930s.To make this hairstyle the hairstylisht would take a few strands of the hair and roll then tightly on fingers before attaching the hair pins.
.This you tube video will help you out in understanding it.

3. Finger Waves

The old way to do finger waves was pretty annoying .You can watch this tutorial  where you can wave your hair with a straightener.

 That is all folks …Hope you enjoyed the three beautiful vintage hairstyle tutorial and found few things which were helpful to you.Be creative and try these tutorial out.:)

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  1. Hey Jiya…i m so addicted to candy and Andreas is so hot man..isn't?

    and i am going to try the first and second hair style for sure:)
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  2. Wow!! will you believe that the first two are my fav Vloggers!! Andreas from Andreas CHoice and DUlve Candy. Dulce Candy is expecting and is soon gonna be a proud mother of a baby boy already named Isak. You made me smile and feel so happy. I really feel connected to Dulce as she has many similarities with me.

    <3 girl!!
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  3. meeeee tooo..they look much sexier and that is y we r going back to them….isn't?
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