Three month gradual weight loss programme for women in their late 20s and above(1st week)

If you are woman who is living a hectic life which is filled with responsibilities but always wish to lose weight then this weight loss programme is for you. First let me tell you how I came to know about this plan. This plan was shared with me by my cousin who is a mother of two kids and has lost lot of weight by following it.I asked her to make a blog of hers but she asked me to do it .(She still is so lazy .wonder how she lost so much of weight!!!)
This programme is meant for those women who are above 26 years of age and are not suffering from any serious health condition. Programme doesn’t ask you to go on dieting or switch to heavy workout but tries to bring small changes in your life which allows your body to adjust comfortably to it. This programme will make you lose up to 10kg by the end of 90 days.
Everyday I will be giving you one week programme so by the end of two weeks you will have whole 90 day programme which means 12 week.
Programme will be simple and will ask you only to be goal oriented and time bound.
So all you beautiful ladies who are interested in losing weight gradually here goes 1st week programme for you.
1. Drinking water increases your metabolism and dehydration slows it down .So you do not have to drink water just when you feel thirsty. Drink it every now and then and make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water every day. You can have water in the form of lemonade without sugar and salt or anything of your choice in which salt and sugar content should be negligible.
I am sure you know that that you shouldn’t start drinking pepsi and cola, thinking it is fulfilling your water intake capacity.
2. One should keep oneself motivated and focused and for that buy your favorite actress poster whose figure you admire a lot and pin it up on your bedroom wall. It is one of the biggest motivations when you start your weight loss programme.
3. Above two things are pretty simple isn’t? Don’t worry thing coming up are fairly simple too .Every day go for 20minute brisk walk after an early dinner and have your dinner maximum by 8p.m
4. Now its time to clean your fridge . Stock up your fridge with fruits and vegetables and no packaged food .No added preservative and color .Go grocery shopping every alternate days or every day so you do not have to depend upon packaged food at all. Just remove away pizza bases, ice-creams, mayonnaise from your fridge which gives you instant food. When you will not find this stuff you yourself will place your hand on healthy stuff.
This is it!!! Follow this routine for a week and stay motivated and focused on your goal.
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  1. Wow. Though these points seem simple they are very powerful. This is the first step to weight loss and it works for sure.Thanks for sharing.Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  2. Yes this programme takes you long way and is quite easy and effective too..:)Good to see you here..Have a nice day ahead:)

  3. Premlatha after dinner even if you walk in your room for 15-20 minutes you will see the difference..ofcourse dinner should be around 8or 8:30 max for maximum beenfit:)When are you going to teach some amazing pooja which you people do ..plzzzz 🙂


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