Three month gradual weight loss programme for women in their late 20s and above(2nd week)


Yesterday I told you about  Three month gradual weight loss programme for women in their late 20s and above(1st week) . I am sure all of you must have liked it. Like the first week second week is pretty simple too .You just have to introduce few more things in your lifestyle.

1. Start maintaining exercise diary so that you can know what your progress is and where you are lacking. It requires little patience but is worth the effort.When you maintain the diary and write in it you yourself feel like coming over your shortcomings.Write everything from what all extra movement you did the whole day and every bite which you took in.
2. Now when you have been walking the whole week its time to introduce some movement consciously which includes taking up stairs instead of lift, trying to do more chores at home, gardening,  dusting  and carrying  alternate day shopping up the stairs.
Don’t think that these movements hardly count. This movement becomes your habit and plays a significant role in your weight loss
Below here is a chart which will change your perception
Calorie burn per hour
Cooking-148 calories
Cleaning the home-207 calories
Childcare which includes feeding the child, dressing the child etc-207 calories
Dancing -265 calories
3. Stop being selective in your food from this week and start having fiber rich food. Fiber rich food are low in calories and gives you a feeling of fullness. Foods such as flax seeds, prunes, bran and wheat germ makes you active too. You can include food like oatmeal, ragi, whole wheat flour, brown rice, barley etc in your daily meals.
When you start including them in daily diet slowly it will get into your habit and you yourself will develop a healthy life style without much of an effort.

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