Thrilling Thursday- Lotus Colorkick Length and Curl Blue Mascara Vs Lakme Eyeconic Royal Blue Mascara.


Hey beauties!

Mascara is the one eye-makeup product which gives you an immense amount of freshness and adds a fair amount of glam to your face instantly. I have used almost all kinds of Mascaras from clear to faux-falsies and now, I am very much into colored mascaras and quite become a fan of blue ones.



A few days ago, I got my hands on Lotus Colorkick Length and Curl Blue Mascara and Lakme Eyeconic Royal Blue Mascara and now I am ready to share the comparison of these two. Keep on digging to know more.

Price- Lotus Colorkick Length and Curl Blue Mascara- INR 325n Lakme Eyeconic Royal Blue Mascara- INR 350



Lotus Herbals Colorkick length and Curl Blue Mascara comes in a bright pink and yellow mascara tube with signature detailing. I absolutely love this bright and vivid packaging. The quality of packaging is really sturdy and It comes in fully packaged plastic and cardboard covering which is really classy and eye-catching, While The Lakme Eyeconic Royal Blue Mascara comes in regular eyeconic Mascara packaging which is quite boring (Lakme, are you listening?)



Lotus Colorkick Length and Curl Blue Mascara- Ideal consistency for a mascara neither dry nor runny.

Lakme Eyeconic Royal Blue Mascara- Slightly runny than the lotus one.

Color –

Lotus Herbals Colorkick Curl and Length Royal Blue is a stunning of blue which looks great in the tube itself. This is the first time I go my hands on to a blue mascara. I have a huge collection of mascara and I love wearing them every then and now.I was really excited to try this out. I have tried this one like any other mascara. I applied single coat of this mascara and I din’t notice any irritation since My eyes are really watery and sensitive.

While Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara in the shade Royal Blue is really a unique product that is one of its kind in India. Mascaras have always been the black sheep of eye makeup products and always have the same old colour – black.


Availability- Easily available both online and offline.


Lotus Colorkick Length and Curl Blue Mascara Vs Lakme Eyeconic Royal Blue Mascara.Who will win the battle?

Well, this is really hard to say which is one is the best out of these two. But , if I have to choose one , I would pick Lotus one for sure.

Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara hand swatch


It is totally great one in every manner whether it comes to price, quality or performance.The most interesting thing of this mascara is its wand which coats each lash and gives beautiful curling effect and adds subtle amount of volume like no other. Plus, It is really stands tall to their claims while Lakme royal blue one is slightly on down side for me.


It is not my type of ‘Royal Blue’ and the wand of this mascara doesn’t work much for curling and adding noticeable volume to the lashes which is the biggest turn off. If you want to try this one you can go for it, Otherwise pick the lotus royal blue one. You’ll amaze with the first usage itself and it will totally worth the money 🙂

Thats all folks!


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