Tinted lip balm – Maybelline lip smooth refreshing tinted lip balm review and swatches

  • Tinted lip balm/Chapstick – I got too many lip balms with me now but the packaging of Maybelline lip balm is so cute that I couldn’t resist myself in buying it.
  • Price of Maybelline lip and smooth color and  care lip balm is Rs 99 so I didn’t mind it giving it a try.

This is what the company claims about the product :-

  • Revitalized dry /dull lips
  • Gives moisturizing shine
  • Soften and smoothen lips
  • Dermatologically tested

Maybelline lip smooth tinted lip balm is available in following tint

1. Rose red tinted lip balm
2. Mandarin tinted lip balm
3. Dolly rose tinted lip balm
4. Cranberry – This is the one which I got for myself:)
5. Cherry tinted lip balm


  • Ingredients – It has natural ingredients like Jojoba oil, Safflower seed oil ,vitamin E to protects my lips .


My experience with the lip balm

  • Moisturization – I don’t suffer from dry lips problem and this one gives light moistuization to my lips.I need to use it after every one or two hours .It keeps my lips soft and plump.
  • Tint – Tint is something which I always look forward to in my lip balms especially during winters and this one has nice tint .It shows more on my lips when I compare it with my Nivea strawberry lip balm which makes me love it more. The colour spreads easily and gives a shiny tint.
  • Texture – Lip balm texture is not very thick therefore it doesn’t make my lips feel greasy.
  • Price – Decent pricing.
  • Availability – It is available in all the Maybelline counters.
  • Taste – It has slight Canberry Jam taste which I am not that fond off.
  • SPF – That is a big plus for me and all those who have lip pigmentation problem.
  • Packaging – Can be easily carried and thank God Maybelline didn’t introduce them in a small tub kind of a thing.
  • Fragrance – It has strawberry fragrance which I am fond off.
  • It works as a gloss for me when ever I am wearing pink or similar colour lipstick.

Swatches of Maybelline lip smooth refreshing tinted lip balm

Dislike :-

Those who have severe dry lip balms may find it little less moisturizing .

Recommendation – All the college going and teenage girls who prefer lip balms instead of lipstick are going to love the tint of this lip balm.

Rating – 4.5/5

Which is your favorite lip balm ?

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  1. Its much tinted than Nivea Strawberry…then i SHOULD get it…..see you have a reason to be happy now….about getting few things earlier than Delhi…..

  2. Its much tinted than Nivea Strawberry…then i SHOULD get it…..see you have a reason to be happy now….about getting few things earlier than Delhi…..

  3. yaa but i really have to search for the product here.. but soon will get use to of it..

    mitra it look little extra tinted on me…so i am not sure about it..u can check it out..but it tastes nice 🙂

  4. I bought Dolly Rose….used it yesterday night….people are so used to seeing different colours on my lips(read different shades of pinks and nudes) most of them dint bother to ask me only…but me happies with the balm…yuppieee…its not at all sticky…


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