Tinted moisturizer – Ponds tinted moisturizer VS Biotique bio red wood tinted moisturizer

Ponds age  miracle Anti – aging tinted moisturizer Vs Biotique Bio red wood naturally tinted moisturizer 
Good morning every one  🙂
Before I started wise she I was always interested in making my own tinted moisturizer but now when  I found some affordable products in the market  I started trying them and I am glad to say that I  am not disappointed.

Tinted moisturizer are every office going or college going girl favorite who doesn’t have the time and patience to blend and blend and blend :D:D her foundation in the morning.
Tinted moisturizer beside being a moisturizer add a slight tint to match  our skin tone and give us a natural un- made up look.Now there are coming up with added SPF to protect the skin from sun damage  so I guess this is something which should not be missed 🙂 What say you ??
I will start with

Ponds age miracle Anti- aging tinted moisturizer UV SPF 15

.. I got Sheer Honey 03 for myself

Price of Ponds age miracle Anti -aging tinted moisturizer  is Rs 215 for 30ml

To read about Biotique tinted moisturizer you can click here..
I am very attached to Biotique tinted moisturizer as I posted my pic first time on wise she after wearing and reviewing it.
Biotique tinted mositurizer VS Ponds Tinted moisturizer 
1. Ponds tinted moisturizer gives  better coverage to me than Biotique one.
2. Cost of Ponds 30 ml product is Rs 215 where as Biotque one is of Rs 299 for 55gm.
3. Both the moisturizer suits all types of skin be it oily, dry or combination.
4. Ponds Tinted moisturizer is little heavy as compared to Biotique one.
5. Both last for 4-5 hours easily on my skin.
6. As Biotique moisturizer is more of a moisturizer where as Ponds is more of a tint therefore Biotique one gives glow to my skin where as ponds give more coverage. 
7. Biotique has SPF 30 where as Ponds have SPF 15
8. Biotique has more herbal ingredient .
9 If it is too hot then Biotque one may give shiny appearance to your face. 
10. Ponds age miracle comes in a tube form where as Biotique comes in their usual tub form therefore I have to sanitized my hands before using the Biotique one. 
11. Ponds one is travel friendly where as I just can not think of carrying the tub in my bag .
12. Most important thing is that both products didn’t break me out
If you have dark circles and blemishes then sorry guys  you will have to use foundation or concealer as you might not find both of  these product that useful.
Wise She Recommendation – If you have dry skin and needs less of coverage then Biotique  tinted mositurizer will suit you better but if you need good coverage then Ponds age miracle is a better option.Biotique adds just some shine where as Ponds gives you extra coverage which some of us wants without much hassle.
I will show you how Ponds age miracle looks on me in a while        
 Have a super duper energetic week ahead every one    


  1. Ok quick…since you know my skin type…will Ponds suit me?? Biotique broke me out..so now i use it as a sunscreen on my hands when i wear sleeveless..gives nice glow….then i bought Lo'real UV Perfect Long Lasting UVA/UVB Protector….phew such a small name..!!! Its got SPF 50….but its a little expensve than the ponds one….how will ponds work for me??

  2. i know this is what i wrote also..ponds may not suit in hot and humid climate…

    if u apply some compact on it then u will sweat less bhumika..and it gives a nice base too.

  3. That was a very crisp and to the point comparison. I have both and find them unique in their own ways. The Bitotique TM did give me a shock at first though..LOL coz I expected it to be like POnds..But now kinda understood.

    Btw…you too have an energetic week 🙂

  4. Biotique one will suit in winter more naa Poornima…Ponds is mor eof a make up product and Biotique is more of a herbal product with spf and good level of moisturizer..

    what say you?

    and how is monday going??

    I see bloggers wearing socks and pull over and here the fans are on..i feel strange :D:D

  5. wow this sounds interesting.. although i have yet to try them out.. i think ponds seems a best suit for my skin…:) thanks Annamika.. love this one!

  6. Ok quick…since you know my skin type…will Ponds suit me?? Biotique broke me out..so now i use it as a sunscreen on my hands when i wear sleeveless..gives nice glow….then i bought Lo'real UV Perfect Long Lasting UVA/UVB Protector….phew such a small name..!!! Its got SPF 50….but its a little expensve than the ponds one….how will ponds work for me??


    :D:D…Sadly sweet it ca break you out 🙁

    it will be better if u use some other high end brand product..if i come across any i think i know one i will let u know ..u can use that..

  8. Hey Anamika,

    Hearing you talk about making your own tinted moisturizer tells me I'm not the only one doing it 🙂

    My office routine is usually Shabase (a sandalwood based Shahnaz Hussain product) mixed with shamoist or any other moisturizer (since shabase is a very dry product) and spread evenly over the face. Used to give a very nice even finish and glow to the skin. A decent substitute for foundation

  9. It's more like a tinted moisturizer (they call it a protective base), looks like the biotique one you have reviewed on your site, but is very dry, hence mix it with a moisturizer. The sandalwood in it both protects the skin as well as gives it the slight tint that substitutes for foundation.

  10. ohh yes Sandalwood can be a great foundation too but it shoudln't smell like sandalwood otherwise people will ask us " where is this sandalwood agarbatti smell coming from " :D:D

  11. hehhee..Mine was long weekend as hubby has a friday off…now i miss it..

    watched Gujarish, played pool, carom and did some shopping and reading..buw now its all over 🙁 but never mind there is a weekend ahead as well:)

    what u did..?

  12. LoL. I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that and got stared at majorly by the folks around me. No, thankfully it doesnt smell of dhoop agarbatti, in fact it doesnt smell of anything at all. (still laughing)

  13. LOL- do you have oily skin ? I personally like the product a lot – if you have oily skin you may need to use only very slight moisturizer with it.

    Unfortunately the problem with Shahnaz products is that they are all fairly expensive (at least Rs. 400) and do not come in small sizes. So if you do buy it and dont like it, it's a huge waste.

    Anamika was talking about a Hyderabad meet for us hyderabad followers of this blog – if that does work out (Hello Anamika, are you listening?) – I'l bring it along with me and you could see if it works for you 🙂

  14. yaa shooooryyy i always initate and then forget…me mailing u people today itself….

    yes shahnaz products r so expensive and very few work …but if they work well then they become our HG naa

    but u guys have to come with no nail paints as i will do nail art on all of you :D:D

  15. long weekeng …lucky you (now you cant say itheres nothing lucky in it)
    I Did some shopping and a hell lot of sleeping 😀
    and made rawa idlis and they turned out very well…everybody loved them.
    two things i loved of my entire shopping are – hair serum (which i have been wanting for so long) and yes i got maybelline tinted lip balm (mandarin flavour). 🙂 ^_^

  16. wow..i am happy to read here that ponds desnt break u out..D ..i have a new skin type. "unpredictable." 😀 hvent ever tried tinted moisturisers yet. mostly i jus wear a concealor n compact over bare skin .I hope ponds dsnt make me leak oil…Reading all your posts m starting to feel moisturiser is necessary ..no matter the skin type.


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