Tip to cheat when you are on a diet

If you visit a dietitian she will surely ask you to follow a fix pattern of eating but the smart dietitian will allow you to cheat with your diet plan once in a while After all we all are human beings and it is just not possible to follow same mundane diet every day. We too have our occasional cravings and one should not feel guilty about it.
All experts agree to the fact that one should let their diet plan go easy at least once in a week. If someone is on a same diet for several months then it might put their body on starving mode. So if you increase your calorie intake by eating food which you have not even tasted for months can speed up your metabolism and make you look slim too.

Of course cheating gives you happiness for some time but do not forget the rule of moderation. One must eat everything in small quantity and in frequent intervals.

Few tips for your cheat meal.
1. Choose a weekday instead of a weekend when you want to go for a cheat meal. This is because we are busy on the weekdays and it is always better to choose an afternoon or a morning meal on any one day of weekday to treat yourself.
2. One should not make a cheat meal into a cheat day . Having two heavy meals loaded with cheese and soft drinks in afternoon and evening just ruins your diet plan which you have been following since months. Even if you want to cheat for a whole day and promise yourself to not to cheat for a month then also you should not follow this at all. No matter how hard you try but this method don’t work at all.
3. Whatever you eat, eat with in public because general tendency of our is that we eat less when we know that lot of people are watching us.
4. Also always eat something before you cheat otherwise you will end  up eating stuff which is just not required.
5. When ever you buy a cheat meal for yourself doesn’t go with the idea of buying free stuff as well. For example buying large burger is ok but if you buy it because you will get free french-fries with it is not acceptable. Always buy single serving of your cheat meal
6. Don’t cheat in a manner that it puts you back from where you had started. Bring your favorite meal and eat in moderation.
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  1. Every point was worth reading. I really follow the first one!! I keep my saturdays and sundays to gorge on everything… thanks for following me on luxafarian.<3 ya!


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