Tip to hide blemishes – Make up tips


By Anuradha, 

I don’t have a flawless skin and I hate it when I am not able to hide the pimple or blemishes while going out in a party.Recently I came across blemish hiding tip in Femina  magazine and I thought of sharing it on wise she.

Here goes the tips:-

To hide open pores from your face apply darker shade of foundation  on the pores and use normal foundation to cover rest of your face.This is because that the area which is darker appears depressed compared to the rest of the face.

Also avoid applying loose or pressed powder on your pimples.Pimples attract too much of attention by applying loose powder.

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  1. lol…Anuradha ..I have seen similar kind of thing done by candy in her videos…but she used it to highlight whole of her face because they have different skin color altogether ..


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