Tip to keep makeup and cosmetics hygenic

We all have drawer full of make up which we don’t use and when you have spent so much on your cosmetics it is always difficult to throw them too.But our make up is easily prone to bacteria.Be it lipstick, eyeshadow , blush or concealer , they all can cause infection easily or can break you out or develop rashes.

Below are some precautions which can be taken to avoid damage to the skin:-
*Do not use much of your finger while applying you make up.Finger easily transmit germs to the cosmetics. Prefer using make up brushes which can be cleaned regularly or disposable applicator.
*Keep sharpening your eyeliner or lip liners after 2-3 uses.This helps in removing the dirty part of the liners where bacterias can bread.
*Clean your lipstick , blushes and pressed powder clean by whipping off the top layer of these products with a tissue.
*Keep cleaning your make up brushes regularly.
*Although it is always fun to use store testers but as used by number of people they are quiet unhygienic.It is better to either watch people using it or ask the sales person to do it.Or if you are too tempted then wipe away the upper layer and then use it.
*Do not leave any product without a lid and always tighten them up so that dust doesn’t enter into them at all.’
*Discard your mascara after three months and cream products like blush , eye shadow and concealer after 12-18 month.
*Lipstick, eyeliner, powder and powder products stay well for two years easily.
Remember if you have a makeup product  in your bag or a drawer which is lying ideal for long then it is always better to throw it out as it is better to be safe then sorry when you are dealing with a thing like make up.
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