Tips and Toes On the Go Mono Eyeshadow Review(Shimmering brown)


By Mitra,

Hello Beauties…

I wanted to review this since a long long long time…this eye shadow happens to be my FIRST eye shadow I got about a year ago, yes that’s when i started developing interest in makeup πŸ™‚ and i always tend to go back to this baby whenever i am not sure what to wear !!

Its Tips and Toes On the Go Mono-eyeshadow in Shimmering Brown. Since i was new i did not want to splurge on quads/eyeshadow sets and experimental colours, so I stuck with a basic brown with shimmer. And i must tell you girls, this one is such a good shadow, it has never let me down. When I go back to Kathiawar to get more colours from this Indian Brand (yeah i feel like i’m contributing to the Indian economy)

Now coming to the product

Tips and Toes On the Go Mono Eyeshadow review

  • Eyeshadow shade Colour– Shimmering Brown
  • Price – Dont quite remember but i guess it was somewhere around 100 Rs, if someone here knows please let the others know too
  • Weight-1.5gms
  • Expiry– 3 years from date of mfg


Swatches of tips and toes eyeshadow shimmering brown without flash

Tips an toes eyeshadow reviews +shimmering brown

  • Staying Power– 5 hours without fading, 6-8 hours with little to no fading. No fading cause i usually spend my waking hours in office which is an a/c environment. But i also used it to a friend’s wedding at a hall in december noon, and it was still true to its colour. So me hap-pies.:dance::dance:
  • Texturesatiny
  • Others-No fallout, does not stain the lid and easily comes off with a makeup remover. Very good for beginners. Colour is a daily wearable one.
You can see in the first  picure above, how nice the colour looks with just one single swipe with finger.

Tips and  toes eye shadow with flash


Tips and toes eyeshadow shimmering brown review

I have put up pictures with flash and without flash. With a primer and without a primer too.


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  1. Wow! Dint know Tips n Toes had such a gud range…I was always under the impression that the color payoff or staying power wudnt b gud … :yes: :yes:

      • Is that so? cool! Will pick it up when I see New U next..But m hoping to control my urge to get more liners…i THINK m overdoing it…hihi.. :cute: :cute:

          • hihi..yeps..When i come there, we r gona hav lots of fun..late night chats,eating golgappas, and mega shopping…and hogging ofcourse..thats the main thing in my itinerary.. πŸ™‚

                  • ohh no ..its not true south Indian food is yummy..i especially like their chutneys is just that Bengali must not be knowing how to prepare it properly.

                    • Na re…south indian food is awesome..i love the taste…When i go to hyd, i practically lie in Chutney’s! hihi…I guess logon ko bas banana aana chahiye…if they dunno how to make, they will create a hatch potch of dishes…

                    • may be………i tried twice their foods in resturants…………wasted full plates………….my 1 relative took transfer because of their food.

                • i seriously don know…when ever i go to Delhi this is what i eat every day because having hot ater gol gappas is something terrible for me..and then their is samosa..samosa is called ragda samosa that means they chopp the samosa and add onion and various chutney and serve ..lolz.

                    • by the way have u tried bangali khana?………….i saw prerna gave the recipe of sukto………..trid that?

                    • i havent tried much of bengali khaana..i made two recipes which Prerana posted in which one really liked .

                    • nahi re…m just 5mts old in cooking…m just trying to master the art of normal food…bengli and oher hi-tech stuff will see later.. πŸ™‚ once m comfy wid chakla belan..

                    • Hey! I cook well…m formally trained by Sasu-ma…She gave me 1-week intensive trng after marriage…from belofying roti to making sabji πŸ™‚ So hubs cant complain..ofcourse..kabhi kabar kuch ajeeb ban jata hai…but hubs bechaara chup chap kha leta hai…no choice na…puppy eye! Zindabad!! :X-P: :X-P: :X-P:

  2. very nice color πŸ™‚ ………….like the review………..i’ve never used their eyeshadow………..i used starshine lipgloss,eye pencil and nail color of tips and toes…….next time will try this :-))


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