Tips And Toes Professionals Smoothening Face Primer Review


Tips & Toes Professionals Smoothening Face Primer

Face Primers are very important to be used under any makeup. However I saw many makeup experts saying that for oily skin face primer is a must. Although I have dry –combination- sensitive skin I recently got this primer and used it daily during this “Durga Puja”. 🙂

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About Tips & Toes Professionals Smoothening Face Primer:-

 Apply this ultra light and silky rich primer as a base before you apply and foundation or compact. It will give you an instant even toned look and fill up the fine wrinkles in the delicate areas of your skin. It will also control the oiliness and give you a long lasting fresh look.

  • Price: 670 INR.Tips
  • Quantity: 25ml.
  • Life Shelf: 3years.
  • Direction: Wash your face. Pat dry and apply a tiny amount all across the face. Let it settle for a minute and then apply the foundation or compact.

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The way I do: I have dry skin- I apply moisturizer first and then squeeze out a little quantity in fingers and all over face and blend well before applying foundation. Let it settle for 2 minute and then apply my favorite MAC Studio fix powder.


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My Experience with Tips & Toes Professionals Smoothening Face Primer:

When I was young I like to purchase nail polishes and Kajals from Tips & Toes due to their affordable prices. I see this company growing as they are focusing on few more products which are really interesting!

I was confused about using face primers because it’s always meant for oily skin. Oily Skin tends to get oily and hence makeup starts greasing and fading after awhile. But I am convinced when one of my dear blogger explained me how primer help making any makeup looks fresh even after whole day. No matter -Oily Skin or Dry Skin. I generally prefer using primers when I want my makeup stay for long time. i.e. in occasions or festivals.

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This primer is very thick and smooth. Gives a perfect canvas to apply foundation or any makeups. The primer has transparent gel type consistency which reminds me of petroleum jelly but on thicker site 😛 One thing I notice it gives a beautiful mattifying effect and help in absorbing serum. It do not feel heavy on my skin rather give my skin look silky smooth :-D.

I am using primer for first time and seeing the difference I know why beauty bloggers and makeup artist suggest using Primers always. The result it gives is beautiful fresh glowing skin with no greasing or melting even after I come back home at 10 pm I can see my makeup looks fresh. The amount you need is very less hence a little goes long way. It has very mild decent smell which fades away in a minute or two.

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What I like about Tips & Toes Professionals Smoothening Face Primer:-

  • The light silky weight and mattifying effect.
  • It control serum secreation and reduce shine which help your makeup stay long.
  • It does fill up wrinkle and fine lines too some extend, well I don’t have any noticeable wrinkles so I am unable to comment on that.
  • Gives a smooth and silky base for foundation.
  • Thick texture but easy blendable.
  • Very small amount is required hence last longer.
  • Do not irritate my skin.
  • This is the first time I am using primers and the result is very satisfactory.
  • It really keep the makeup looks fresh as if recently applied, even after whole day outing.
  • It comes with a classy tube packaging which is travel friendly and hygienic.

What I don’t like about Tips & Toes Professionals Smoothening Face Primer:

  • Nothing but only the price which I feel is on higher side, rest I like this primer , No cons for me :-).

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: I absolutely love <3 <3 the effect it gives on my skin and absolutely suggest it to everyone!

Have you tried Tips & Toes Professionals Smoothening Face Primer?



      • ummm it’s not much a problem but sometimes if I sleep for too long and my face looks like a balloon 😛 and then I need to rush to the university or something that’s when I feel the need for an instant pore filler :-/ 😛

        • Hahhaah Shale… ur story is similar to mine.. even wen i sleep for long time My face looks like Balloonnn 😀 😛 dont wry girl. dab some ice on those pore it will close them. I do the same 🙂

  1. Even I’am hesitant to spend 600 + on Tips n Toes products. May I’ll put a lil more and buy a better brand coz Tips n Toes never worked for me.. 🙁 But this product seems promising.. Great review btw 🙂


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