Tips And Tricks Shopping During The Sale Season


In France, there are sales twice a year – a summer sale in June and July and a winter sale in January and February. The discounts are incredible but so are the crowds and chaos, especially during the first week or two. I like to do most of my clothes shopping during this period, so I’ve developed some strategies to survive the craziness of the sales and come out with some amazing clothes and I wanted to share them with all of you.


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Planning Before the sales:-

1. Go through your closet, assess your needs and make a list – Empty out your closet and think about what you need. Remember all those times when you thought, ‘I wish I had a black camisole to go with this top’ or ‘I wish I had black trousers for work’? Make a list of all those items and carry it with you. Also keep in mind what you don’t need. If you already own three black tops, do you really need another one?

2. Visit all your favourite stores and check out the merchandise – The stores will be very crowded during the sales, so make sure you swing by all the places you like to shop at and try on everything you’re interested in. All the items you try on may not go on sale, but you can just pick up the ones that are discounted, without waiting in line.

3. Get all the extra perks and privileges from the stores that you can – Do your favourite stores have a membership card? Or do they have an email list where they send special offers and discounts to customers? Make sure you avail of all these privileges. In France, customers with membership cards can shop a few days before the sale and even get extra discounts during the sale.



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Tips & Tricks During the sales:-


1. Prepare yourself for the shopping spree – Get a good night’s sleep, eat a filling breakfast and make sure you carry a snack and a bottle of water with you. Shopping can be tiring and you don’t want to run out of steam halfway.


2. Stick to your list as much as possible – It can be tempting to stray from your list and go crazy buying everything you lay your eyes and hands upon. But remember, you’re saving money only if you buy things that you need and will use. If not, you’re just wasting your money irrespective of discounts.


3. Try on and test out all items of clothing before buying – Don’t buy anything without trying it on just because it is your size. Each garment fits differently and it is important to try everything. And why stop there? Make sure to test the garment to its fullest – sit, stand, squat, raise your arms, give yourself a hug – these steps may sound bizarre but they will help you test the fit and flexibility of the clothes. What’s the point of buying jeans if they poke when you sit down? Or a top that exposes half your stomach when your hands are raised?


4. Check all items of clothing for flaws – People tend to get a bit rough during the sales. Check that the clothes you’re purchasing don’t have any holes, tears, stains etc.


5. Verify the store’s return/exchange policy – Sometimes, the clothes seem perfect in the store but don’t look right when you try them on at home. So try to buy stuff from stores that accept returns or at least exchanges. This may not be possible in all cases though, so be extra careful while buying!


I hope these tips and tricks will be useful to all of you! Do you have any advice for shopping during the sale season? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. These are excellent tips.

    I totally agree with making a list and taking an inventory of items you have. Last time I went to a sale I was scrambling around, missed a few items, and almost purchased another bottle of body wash when I have over ten bottles and bars of shower products, some of them half a litre.

  2. lovely tips. I have the habit of maintaining a small handy diary with me in my purse all the time. I maintain list of items that i need in them and can easily refer to them when i go shopping.

  3. So true Ki! Its easy to lose it during a sale…I ALWAYS try the clothes before i buy, make a list – else you’ll end up with a mustard cardigan that you will never use.

    I never heeded to carrying a snack/enegry bar and water because I thought it was uncool and that it was cheap…now I understand (after a bout of food poisoning)…do carry it girls..!!

  4. “sit, stand, squat, raise your arms, give yourself a hug” Lol! Good one Ki :rotfl: I stick to my list too. But sales are sooo tempting that it can make the most sane person go crazy 😉

  5. I make a list in my phone of whatever i need and get them on weekends, its controlled my impulsive shopping to a LARGE extent..this is a tip i copied form my husband 😀


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