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Every woman wishes to look like a dream girl on her wedding day. Your wedding day is the most important and grand day of your life. From early childhood women dream of becoming a bride but when the day comes they are scared, anxious and confused. After all it’s a day when all will are waiting for you and will notice your jewellery, make up, lehanga, the way you carry yourself and your various other small moves.

Indian weddings are a grand affair. Preparations start taking place before months. Shopping includes clothes, jewellery, bed sheet, make- up, sandals, bangles, lipstick and many other things. Stress of planning a wedding can take lot out of a girl. No matter what stage you are in, you should start preparing for your wedding the day you decide to get married. Few tips, if religiously followed, can bring a wonderful change in the overall appearance and look of the bride. First of all you may think that you are fit but still you should get your routine health check up done. This is just to make sure that you are in the best of your health.
Also if you are working and have paucity of time then concentrating on three things can make you look stunning. You don’t have to worry about the time issue or crib about others having time and not you because of your work schedule. Following a good diet, work out and cleansing routine is more than enough. Even if you have couple of days you should start following these three tips.
Few mandatory tips for all the to-be-brides who still have more than a couple of months in their hands are:-
1. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you have dark circles under your eye then having a bowl of fruits early morning can make u reduce them to a great extent.
2. Sleep at least 8 hours. I know you wish to talk to your fiancé whole night but I am sure you don’t want to compromise on your wedding day look for it. Talk till 11pm and then have your beauty sleep.
3. Alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited .These two things dries your skin and make it look dull.
4. If you are in those who are fighting with their weight problem. Then few vital advices for you. PLEASE don’t go on crash diet. It will take away all your skin beauty .Instead of that you should go to gym 5 days a week and eat moderately .Have 5-6 small meals in a day and have your last meal by 8p.m.This diet plan will make u loose at least 1-2kg in a month and wont withdraw glow from your skin.

For your skin and hair care you should start working for it a month in advance. It’s not only your face skin which is important but your hands, elbows and feet all are also noticed and should be taken care of.

For Skin-Never get a new facial done just before your wedding day .You never know you might end up using a product on your skin which can cause irritation or rashes .Stories of women having acne just right before their wedding day due to facial are quite common. If you should know which facial suits you and you have already tried that facial number of times then only you should get it done.
If you suffer from acne problem and only a month is left for your wedding then immediately consult a skin specialist. Home remedies do help but for wedding day trial and experimentation should be avoided.
Best natural facial which you can do whenever you go out with your fiancé or on your sangeet ceremony is honey facial. First take a towel and soak it into warm water and put it on your face. Gently scrub your face with the towel .This will open up your face pores. Apply a thin layer of honey mixed with cinnamon if available for 15-20 minutes. Gently rinse the mask off with cold water. This will close the pores of your face and give you that instant glow.

Massage is essential for your body. You can ask your maid to give you olive massage every week. Olive oil makes your skin smooth and makes it irresistible.

Get yourself a manicure and pedicure every 15 days. Stick to massage and manicure and pedicure on Sundays or Saturdays. Make at least one day in a week as your only day.

For hair you can refer to the hair care post .Don’t forget to scrub your elbows, knees and heal your dry areas while bathing every day. After scrubbing, Vaseline or any good moisturizer should be applied.

Get your parlor booked one or two months in advance. Keep consulting them and don’t compromise on your parlor. No matter you are wearing the most expensive of lehanga but you will look the best with a good make up only.

Marriage is once in a life time affair. Stress and unexpected situations are generally created but don’t forget to put your best smile on your special day. After all it is your day and a day of your life time.
photograph by:Mr. Mozammel haque /Facebook



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