Tips For Clear Skin This Winter


Tips For Clear Skin This Winter

Okay so winters are around the corner already! Still can’t believe how fast the year passed. The time has come to cover you with all the possible options from head to toe. Wow! I love winters but I hate the dry patches and dry skin that comes as a free package. Nevertheless, this year I am prepared to beat the cool breeze with my skin saving techniques which I am going to follow every day and every night.

I am sharing these here as it is almost a habit by now to share everything useful with you all!

Warm or Lukewarm Water

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Warm water for splashing your face is a boon I feel. As it is you are scared of cold water during winters, so warm water is the only option we have. Warm or lukewarm water helps retain the moisture and keeps our skin hydrated for long. It also is good for the body overall as it helps you feel relieved of the chilly weather outside.


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One must immediately moisturize the skin after having contact with lukewarm water. This way the moisture is retained with the body and the skin stays rejuvenated. The look only will give you the idea of hydration the skin has received. Always choose a moisturizer which is known for its retention qualities. Also, use it as per your skin type. For extra dry skin, there are different moisturizers and the same goes for someone with an oily skin type.

It is very important to moisturize during the night time as the body retains maximum moisture during night and the skin also benefits the most while we are asleep.

Dress Up well

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Yes! Use a lot of scarves, caps, gloves, boots, socks etc. during winter time not only to save yourself from the cool waves but also to save your skin from drying. Skin needs coverage from the chill in order to remain hydrated and not to lose the moisture and become patchy or dead. Even during night time once you moisturize, it is advised to wear gloves and socks in your hands and legs before you slip into your comforter. This way it locks all moisture that you retained from hot shower and creams and lotion.

Eat Right


We often do not focus much on right eating habits but expect everything to go our way. This however cannot happen, until we do eat right. Include a lot of foods like fish, nuts, olive oil and avocados in your diet to ensure you are feeding on unsaturated acids which are very good for the skin. One must also have a lot of Vitamin C to have a lot of protein and citrus into the body which helps in maintaining the skin and restore the moisture in a natural way. So next time you buy grocery during the winters, you know what to include in your purchase.

Drink Water


One of the basics to ensure your skin is fine and glowing always! One must drink 5-7 liters of water on a daily basis but this goes down during winter as we prefer sipping on hot beverages like tea or coffee. But we should ensure we drink a lot of water during the season to have a glowing and healthy skin. Water helps restore the skin’s natural shine and health and keeps it intact. We should ensure our intake is not reduced to a minimal level. One can have lukewarm water and honey once or twice during the day to reap maximum benefits.

These simple tricks can definitely help us during the winters. Happy Fall girls!


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