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Hi beauties 🙂

This is the final installment of hygiene and cleanliness posts you all have been waiting for —– Yesh 😀 this post is all about the maintenance of all your eye products. And I’m so much excited for this one ;).You can read makeup and hygiene part I and part 2 here

Before I jump off to the main section, here are few things you should know:-

  • Eyes are the most sensitive organs, and they catch most of the infections.
  • All the eye products should be maintained very well in order to prevent any kind of microbes, bacteria, or fungi or even more weird stuff like that.
  • In some cases using infected eye cosmetics women do get temporarily blinded, even permanently blinded caused by an infected eye cosmetic.
  • The worst case is when women want to use “testers” Never use testers that way, always get them swatched or tested on your hands. Even then carry a sanitizer solution to sanitize your hands afterwards.

makeup hygiene tips

Especially in monsoons, people catch so many eye infections, let’s try out bit not to :).So once again PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE ! Let’s see, how can we prevent and ensure safety of our eye products.

What are the basic eye products ?

    • Kohl/Kajal/Surma
    • Eyeliner/Eye pencil
    • Eyeshadow
    • Mascara
    • Eye concealers.


Well you all are very well know to kohl, and its also known as “kajal” or “Surma”. This is by far the very first eye cosmetic product that a kid gets introduced to. The ingredients vary from the different recipes of Kohl, but one thing to be always checked while buying a kohl is “lead”. Lead contaminated kohl should never be bought. Anyways, now the hygiene tips:-

  • This is the product which gets directly exposed to our eyes, and therefore again this should not be exchanged or shared with anyone.
  • If you share, try to sharp the top part, which will remove the used tip of kohl.
  • Also you can ensure its sanity, by dipping the tip of your kohl/kajal pencil in some 70% alcohol for 4-5seconds.
    For the cake kajal ‘dibbis’ , the only way to ensure hygiene is either wiping off the top surface with a cosmetic wipe, and make sure your hands are properly washed before you put your hand into that small pan. This is because, mostly in Indian families, kajal is almost used by every lady, even mothers use them on their kids :duh: Or you can even put 70% alcohol in a spray bottle, and mist onto the surface, let it settle for 3-4 seconds and then wipe off 🙂


Eyeliner / Eye pencil:-


Applying Eye liners are a routine for every lady. Again the ingredients and textures vary from different products.

  • Mostly the eyeliners come in a small bottle, with brush applicator on other end. Therefore, using them is fine and they are portable enough to be carried around. But this again should be out of the sharing business, because, liquids/creams/waxes have more tendency to grab hold of infections and also contaminate the rest of the liquid in the bottle.
  • Sanitizing the liquid eyeliners is not possible, because the whole formula gets changed and makes it not suitable to use any more. I remember, once my friend asked to use my eyeliner, and then I threw it  😐
  • As far as the gel eyeliners are concerned, they again come in a small dibbi (like purane time ki kajal dibbi 😛 ) I like them for 2 reasons, they can be used and shared (only by using a separate and clean brush) and secondly they have amazing results and last long, all day long without any smudging issues. I don’t like them for 1 reason  :tongue: , their packaging doesn’t ensures the hygiene factor.


Eye shadows :-

The eye shadows are dry stuff, mostly pressed into their pans. Basically dry products are  pressed powders or baked one’s. They are resistant to catching the infections and getting contaminated. 🙂

  • You can share eye shadows, but only with brushes.
  • Cover them within their proper cases to avoid building of dirt and grime.
  • If you want to sanitize them, use a tissue to gently wipe off the top surface, or scrape the top surface if you really want to ensure its hygiene, although scraping would mean a lot of wastage.




Mascara has wand with brush on its one end, which has spine like bristles. Now it sounds totally fine, but mascara is one such stuff I believe is expensive and toooottttttalllllllllyyyyyyyyy personal, because one can’t go and buy It again and again. The bristles are something, which can catch a lot of dirt/grime and bacteria/fungi etc too.

  • The one thing I don’t like about mascara’s is that we can’t see any discoloration of product just to ensure its safety.
  • Never leave the mascara open and never depart brush anywhere while using.
  • Never share them with anybody, not even best friends, as the whole mascara gets contaminated :duh: when you put the mascara spoolie back in.
  • If you need to share it, use an extra disposable mascara wands.
  • Use them for max 6months, and dispose them even if they smell fine, but usually they start giving this strong weird smell and that is the time you should get rid of them 🙂


Okay so now a finally a checklist 🙂 :-

  • Stop using any eye product which causes irritation and confer with doctor.
  • Don’t use any eye cosmetic if you have eye infection.
  • Always handle all your cosmetics with properly clean, washed and sanitized hands.
  • Make sure all your equipments you use for managing your cosmetics should be all clean.
  • Be careful while removing any eye makeup, don’t be harsh and don’t struggle to remove makeup. Doing so you can scratch your eyes, and scratched cornea can cause a severe eye infection.
  • Don’t apply makeup while driving or while travelling :nono: , you can hit serious eye injury and you never know the penalty.
  • Obviously never share any of your cosmetic.
  • Don’t use products which are not meant for the intended use, for e.g. don’t use a lip liner for lining your eyes.
  • Never try to moisten any of your cosmetic with water or saliva. Your saliva has more bacteria than anything else.
  • Keep your containers clean and make a routine of taking care of all your stuff.

Happy and Safe Beauty is all what we wish for each other. I feel so good to share my knowledge with you all. So, get up and get rid of those old stuff you have ! start taking care of all your stuff and have a happy time being beautiful 😉

Godbless !


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  1. Cz of hygiene thng i dnt like to go hosp.for my chkups 😀 Even m scared to go to dentist… : 🙁 bcz my wisdom tooth is bothering me ;( few months bck only i hd a wisdome tooth extraction :|:|


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