Tips for those who hates gym


Are you in those who do not like to go to the gym and prefer working out at home but somehow that too  is also skipped by you?

I know it is much easier to come back from home after a day long work and watch television but how does it feel when you go for shopping and no clothes looks good on you. That time you wish to exercise and have a slimmer body.

Even if one does not like to exercise then you can bring little physical changes in your life which can make a lot of difference.Simple physical moment improves metabolism and improve your physical fitness. Let us look at few simple ways which can make lot of difference in your life:-

1. Walking is considered to be the best way to keep you fit. If you are in those who do not like to jog then walk for about 30 minutes every day in a fast mode. This will help you out a lot. Just walking for about 30 minutes after waking up will brighten your whole day.
2. Even if you have helpers at your home try to work around the house. Simply going to the kitchen and getting milk yourself rather than asking your maid or kids to do will help you out. Try to make a list of things every day and do them as fast as possible. This will give you peace of mind and will keep you energetic as well.
3. Of course if you hate gym then you must be more cautious about your diet. Sugar should be your enemy which gives you instant energy kick but drains down quickly afterwards. This is why you feel sleepy after having big ice cream sundae.
I know you must have heard these tips en number of times but following them is more important than just knowing them. So what you do is what matters and not what you know.
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