Tips to apply blush correctly


We all want to use make up and I am sure most of us must have tried foundation, compact or blush some time or the other. But when we do not get the right result the product lay in our cupboard like a thing which is not required but one doesn’t want to throw them either.At least I don’t.

It is very easy to use blush provided we keep some points in our mind and best thing is the blush instantly brighten up ones look. But like any other product be it foundation, compact or bronzer if one goes overboard with them it results in beauty disaster.

Mostly I have heard from girls or woman that whenever they use blush it gives them streaky look. Therefore I thought of compiling some points which I gathered from experience.

 1.First choose your brush wisely. Brush which comes in little compact are one of the major cause of wrong application. One needs fluffy brush to properly apply powder blush. Small brushes makes your blush look streaky, uneven striped and heavy too. Small blush brush is easy to use by those who have a good hand on blush application but if you use blush regularly or are new in using blush  then fluffy brushes are a must have.

2. Do not buy any color blush. Choose a shade which suits your skin tone. Even if you choose the blush carefully it might happen that the blush which you choose might not suit your skin tone. Read about skin tone here. Keep trying until you find the best shade which matches your skin. Do not go for blush which has bright shades it is usually best if you go for natural looking colors.
3. If you have seen any makeup artist doing their makeup they will always tap the brush lightly to get rid of excess blush.
4. To apply blush smile and identify the apples of your cheeks .That is the exact place where you should apply the blush. You can read this face chart to know more.

5. Apply blush in gentle circular motion and focus on the apples of the cheeks .Dust it a little towards the temple. Blend well.
One more tip which always works for me is if you are applying your blush before your powder foundation then it will give you a subtle look .Also, if you are applying it on top of your foundation then it is always advisable to use a little blush at a time and keep applying till you find the right color which brightens you up.
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  1. one of my cousion said that your color bar gives me streaks..i asked her to used a fluffy blush and there she was raving about it..

    i think companies should mention it on their product..


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